Thursday, August 20, 2009

Which Color for the Kitchen?

If you haven't been to my house lately, you wouldn't know, unless you look REALLY CLOSE in some of my cooking photos, that while we did some major work to our kitchen - we started from scratch - a while back, once it was functioning, we didn't follow through and finish it. The walls are drywall and the molding is missing, for the most part. The ceiling is also very ugly and the light fixtures are bare bulbs.

I am now of the mind to finish it. Trim and paint will go up this late summer. I can wield a paint brush, people, even if it is not pretty. And I will paint the kitchen. And I'll get light fixtures and molding. And it will one day in fact be pretty. Funny thing is, I've had this paint chip for this whole time set aside as the color for the kitchen. And, usually, when I decide on a color I stick with it. I like it forever and never look back. So, last week I went to get a sample of that color. Then I put it on the walls. I hate that color. It's not going to work. You can see it in the "1-2-3-4" photos below as the large blob above #3. Too dark, too much red in it.

So, I chose four new colors to try out. They are now on the drywall in three different places. In the photos, in different light, with the beauty and distortion of the Internet, you can experience these four colors here. I need you to vote. Vote, people, vote for which one I should choose.

Here is a shot of the other colors in the kitchen - dark granite, reddish brown cabinets, gold-ish floors, missing molding around the door (which will eventually be white), Echo's butt.

This is another look at the cabinet/granite.

To facilitate the voting, we put the colors on the wall in number fashion.

And I took photos at different times in the day when the colors change.

Here's one more look.

Here they are above the sink, near a window, in the same order.
And one yummy locally grown vine ripe tomato.

And here, near the stove.

So, dear friends, help a girl out. Vote. Tell me which one you prefer, if any. Or, tell me, "go paint blue" or something. Then, I'll let you know what I decide and how it turns out.

As always, thank you so much for your help. I very much appreciate your helping me with my ongoing neurosis and indecision. What would I do without you? It would not be pretty, that's for certain. Thanks again. See you tomorrow.


  1. Painted numbers were not helpful, but the larger swatches were. But sill I can not help. Would need to see painted swatches next to the cabinet and floor to decide. Think all may work with the granite. But as you stated, I am sure there is color distortion due to camera and computer monitor anyway.

    Suggest painting the one you choose, but before you purchase, on the wall next to the cabinet and floor.

    I am sure you will make right decision, the rest of the paint colors you and S have chosen for your home are perfect.

  2. I like #3...nice and bright. I think that the inadvertant tomato is a good indicator of how it will match nicely with the rest of the kitchen/kitchen happenings...


  3. I like #4.


  4. I like #1 & #4. btw, the cabinetry and countertops are beautiful!


  5. Best I can tell, #4. I would go with the lighter of the choices. since you have so much depth and color with the cabinets and counters. Very Pretty!


  6. Amy, I am liking number 1....


  7. hmmmmmmm 3 or 4


  8. I vote #3. 1 & 2 are a little dark, and with the dark countertops and dark-ish wood of the cabinets, it would really make the room seem smaller. #4 is nice too...but it seems a little too light. #3 is a nice middle ground:)


  9. First choice #3. Second choice #4. I think 1 & 2 are a little too dark like Candice said.



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