Monday, August 17, 2009

Andrew's Dedication

Saturday we attended an event meant to dedicate baby Andrew into the christian faith. The church his parents attend don't do baptisms or formal dedications, but it was important to Brooke and Michael to have some sort of public ceremony with family and friends to say they intend to raise their child as a christian. So, that is what they did.

Dad Michael (S's brother), Mom Brooke, and little Andrew

If you are not christian or into the minutiae of theology, you may not know that this whole baby baptism/christening/dedication thing is one of those points that people disagree about. I don't get too hung up on such things, but suffice it to say, to some people, what you do or don't do with an infant in the faith is a big deal. I'll leave that to them to discuss.

For this day, S and I were there as a member of Andrew's extended family, supporting whatever it was his parents felt needed to be done. So of course I took my camera to account for it here, for you, my dear readers.

Molly was there!

It was at Brooke's dad's house, and their family and some very close friends attended.

Everyone seemed happy to take part.

S and his dad were there.

I included this photo to prove they look nothing alike. They of course never act anything alike either. Genes. Gotta love 'em.

This is Brooke's side of the family.

There was also a photo like this one taken of S's side of the family. But I was in it. So I don't have that photo because I put the camera down for a sec. And, really, you guys have seen us all standing together mugging for the camera before, so we'll skip it this time. OK?

These are Brooke and Michael's close church friends.

Two of their friends from church said some words about raising children in the christian faith.

They quoted some verses from the Bible.

And told us we were supposed to help.

And then they prayed.

It's a good idea if we're - S and I - supposed to help. Always good to pray about THAT. Ahem. No, seriously, it was a nice prayer. A nice series of prayers, actually. They did a nice job.

And then there was food and swimming.

S was apparently very excited about the food.
Or, something...I dunno.

The water was a constant enticement for Alexandra until she could dive in.
In fact, they were really glad she didn't try to do that fully clothed.

Her dad Mark (S's other brother - just to help you keep it straight) kept her occupied.

And so did playing with her new friend Margaret.
Alexandra and Margaret are only 2 days different in age.

Some more of Margaret.

Speaking of Margaret - the daughter of Brooke's good friend Melanie - I liked her a lot. Why you ask? Well, because I could call her name and she'd actually LOOK at the camera. You see, all the little children in my life generally don't respond or look the OTHER way when I call their name. They are so sick and tired of my camera it makes it hard to get a good photo. So, this child - this unsuspecting child - she was my muse - she played along. Thank you sweet Margaret for playing along with me and my camera. It was great fun.

I did get this cute one, however, of normally camera-ornery Alexandra.

And Andrew's still too young to look the other way.
Check out at those cheeks!

And, he's starting to look more like his daddy, I think, too. He's a good "mix." Speaking of genes...

So, there you are. That's what this baby dedication entailed. Friends, family, words of wisdom, blessings, food and swimming. He's all dedicated now. And we were there to report about it for you. Amen.

A quick update on Nathon - he's progressing, still in pain, and learning to use what my sister-in-law Kim (the other sister-in-law Kim) says is the world's smallest walker. I told her she should teach him to say, "God Bless Us, Every One" and maybe he could get some work this holiday season...this is a joke people - Kim thought it was funny, don't work yourself into a lather about it, OK?

And, a quick update on Cora's first day of school - my brother Steve had this to say on Facebook this weekend:

"She had to be taken out into the hall on the first day. Half day kindergarten. Three hours! In trouble already. It's going to be a long year for poor Mrs. Eck."

Poor Mrs. Eck. Poor Steve and Terri. Poor Cora and the growing pains. She looks so innocent, doesn't she? Hang in there, everyone...can't wait to hear how it goes.

Thanks for stopping by. See you tomorrow.


  1. Beautiful pics...beautiful family! Love it!


  2. Isn't he adorable???


  3. Cute kids, all three of them, thanks for sharing.

  4. What a wonderful group of pictures. I hope you are appreciated with all you thoughtfull picture taking. Cora will survive..(Steve may not). I love your comments with each picture...keep it up.


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