Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Check out the Czechs!

Get it? Huh-huh. Check out the Czechs? Hee hee - ho ho - ha ha - ahhhh. Ohh.

OK, I'm a dork. I admit it. I'm completely OK with that. Let's move on.

Today, a look WAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY back at another video from the trip to Europe we took in March. We were in Prague during the Easter Festival, you might remember. Don't worry if you don't remember. I almost don't remember.

Actually, I'm not too sad it's taken me so long to get around to some of this stuff from that long ago trip. It lets me relive it a little bit each time I delve into the photos and video. And, that IS nice. Very nice. I mean, don't you like to remember all the good stuff? This trip - definitely the Prague part - it was all good stuff!

Anyway, we were there during that time, and these fellas were entertaining the crowds. And I used my oh-so-steady hand and my little purse camera video setting to capture their performance for you. So, go on up there and push the play button and get your Czech on already!

What great fun they were! I like the "call and response" format of the song. There's the main song, and then there's the guy sprinkling in the "good stuff" during the long notes. What do you think he's saying? I don't know, but maybe it was, "Happy Easter!" or "Stay away from Olga's sausage." Or maybe, "We'll be here all week." or "Kiss the Girl!" Who knows. Invent your own words. They'll be better than mine and oh so entertaining to you!

And, don't you love the couple dancing? At an outdoor street fair? THERE'S something we don't see on the streets of Dallas every day - not that kind of classy dancing, anyway. Fabulously entertaining. Why don't they book these guys anywhere in town? Huh? I mean REALLY! They need a new agent!

OK, so I hope they brightened your Wednesday. See you tomorrow.

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  1. Amy, you definitely brightened my Wednesday with that little video. What fun!


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