Friday, August 14, 2009


Dear blog friends, I've had a tough week. One of the toughest weeks I've had in a long time. I'm not sure why exactly, but I am very glad this morning to see this week come to an end. I need a new start next Monday to wash that bad right out of my mind. That's for certain.

Maybe it was post-vacation blues. Maybe. But, I really think it was more than that. Maybe I'm overdue for a trip to Indiana. That's certainly true, but I'm going to get one about a month from now, and knowing that helps. I miss my family. That's not the crux either, though. Not sure where the crux lies, and I'm not too hung up on finding it either.

Suffice it to say, however, I've been contemplating starting a serious diet - seriously thinking about making a go of it and letting you all hold me accountable. And those plans have not gone well this week. I actually have eaten pretty good at the meals, and not snacked in between. But, three nights I had alcohol to calm my nerves and one afternoon I did snack - I bought cupcakes and then good bit of stress eating followed. These are things I have not done in a long time...this is not why I'm fat - I mean, obviously I'm fat because more calories go in than I burn, simply - what I mean is I'm not one who binge eats or drinks a lot...but these activities didn't help me get on the road to skinny, that's for sure. So, that too, will wait until next week. Until at least next week. ;-)

I'm not going to go into the details of my malady. Why? Because that's no fun to read. And this is a personal blog that does not chronicle such things. I have no pictures of the malaise, for one, and you wouldn't want to see them if I did. So, instead, today, on this glorious Friday, I'm going to try to wrap up the Wisconsin photos with some glimpses of lighthouses.

Oh, and my sweet nephew Nathon - he came on through that surgery like a champ. He's now in a pretty good bit of pain though, so please be kind and keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers this weekend. I know they'd appreciate that. And, Nathon, buddy, I'm certainly pulling for you, big guy. I know it's going to work on out. And, like I said yesterday, I'm looking forward to seeing you next month.

Miss Cora, now 5.

Oh, and speaking of Indiana and my family, my brother Steve's three kids ALL get on a school bus this morning to begin school - even Cora, who is now in kindergarten. I am very certain that cannot be possible. But, it is. She turned 5 yesterday, which I should have mentioned (and why I'm gonna get out of the birthday business) - Cora, Happy Birthday, and happy going to school. I can't wait to see photos, which Terri promised me she'd take. :) OK, onto the lighthouses.

We saw several lighthouses along the way - and we photographed three. S was sometimes driving too fast for me to get a photo of many of the others. We had hundreds more miles to travel, and he was on a mission to get there. But, he was nice enough to stop for me to take photos of these for you.

The first one - found in Peninsula State Park, on the bay side, just north of Fish Creek, in Door County. Also found at this park - the tower we climbed to get the sailboat race photos. The tower - it was tall - the lighthouse wasn't very tall, but in it's day was positioned in a key location to keep ships from going astray through the bay on their way to parts unknown. A family lived in the house attached, you must also remember - it was remote, and they needed room to live. So, the attached house was often key to doing the work and surviving in the middle of nowhere, too!

The other two lighthouses were on the Lake Michigan side in open water.

The second one I was able to photograph is the Cana Island lighthouse, just north of Bailey's Harbor. This one IS tall, and more picturesque.

An outbuilding used to store flammable fuel.

This was the little walk across to the lighthouse.

And, this island is known for their population of monarch butterflies...I caught a couple neat shots of them, amazingly. As S puts it, they have ADD. They don't stay in one place for very long!

Along the shore of the Cana Island lighthouse, we also saw big groups of migrating black birds of some kind, sweeping along.

And, some seagull varieties really dive bombing the water to fish. It was fun to watch this. I tried to capture it in the photos - but it's sort of hard to imagine from just the photos. Sorry about that!

Looks like she got one!

The Cana Island lighthouse was open for you to tour, and you could climb it for an additional $3, but since there was only one spiral staircase up and down the tower, the wait was long to do so. We skipped the walk to the top and saved our $6. (Another example of my higher math skills, no?) There were nice exhibits inside about the life of a lighthouse operator. And, of course, a gift shop.

The third lighthouse was the Rawley Point lighthouse, on the grounds of the Point Beach state forest. It is still in operation by the US Coast Guard, so you could not get too close to it or go inside.

Look at this pretty sand flower I found!

Can you hear the water?

Ahhh, there. I feel better already, don't you? A great thing to check out on a Friday.

Good riddance to this week, and warm greetings to the weekend. Hope yours is great. See you Monday.


  1. I've had a tough one, too- going back to work soon and the kids start child care next week. It's put me in a funk. My food of choice? S'mores ice cream- danger danger! And TGIF!

  2. Very nice work, Amy. You hang in there; you're obviously a strong woman.


  3. Your pictures are breathtaking and you are incredibly gifted!


  4. Keep up the good photos. It's gotta be good therapy for you...and us.

  5. Hope next week is better! Looking forward to seeing you next month!

  6. Your an incredible person as well as a daughter who gives me much joy. I see so much beauty through your eyes. You miss family and we miss you. As (jan) posted you are a strong woman who needs to be reminded of that from time to time. Sometimes it helps to remind ourselves of who is really in charge. That gives me comfort in times of stress.




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