Friday, August 21, 2009

One More from the Vacay

I know I said I was trying to wrap it up last week, but I found just a few more photos I want to share with you from the vacation that will never end. I wish THAT were true...

Anyway, to fulfill the needs of my photo sharing compulsion, here we go. Up there and the next few are of the Calatrava designed part of the Milwaukee Art Museum. Those "wings" - they close up at night and reopen every morning at 10. Pretty darn cool.

Then, there was this - a water feature that looked to have spanned a half mile (actually, only 600 fee) know how I like water, so you know, you'll have to deal with a few shots of this one.

I like the angle and the shadow in this one.

Also, we at at this place in Wauwatosa.
If you go to Milwaukee, do yourself a favor and eat somewhere in this village.

Beer came right out of the wall.

And the patio was very nice.

And this train bridge was nearby.

We drove through Madison in the rain.
Wisconsin State Capitol from the car.
We also made a round of the campus.

And, upon returning to Minneapolis for our flight home, we went here.

I toured the greenhouse on the grounds.

Ok, so now I feel as if I've purged every possible photo memory from the Wisconsin vacation. Until I surf through them again and find something else, of course. You never know.

Happy Friday and best wishes for a lovely weekend. See you next week.

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  1. Amy, when the Calatrava addition to the museum opened several years ago, I saw many photos of the event, none so stunning as yours. Congratulations.


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