Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I've Seen Miles and Miles of Shoreline

Gentle blog readers, there are 820 miles of shoreline in the state of Wisconsin. 820 miles! This is an unrivaled amount of Great Lakes shoreline except for the state of Michigan, which has deservedly something like 4,500 miles. That's for another vacation, though.

I am here to tell you that S-man and yours truly, the Ate Up Amateur, we scoured about 792 of those miles. Seriously - we saw a LOT of the Wisconsin shoreline, up close and personal. And, dear blog readers, I am here to tell you that it is beautiful. Amen.

Today's post - some photos of the water and the boats on that water for your viewing pleasure. Step right up. Take it all in. Smell the air. Hear the waves. Feel the breeze. I present you the fresh water of Wisconsin on a Wednesday.

Nice of them to wave, no?

Horseshoe island.

REALLY big birds in Wisconsin - they'll eat kayakers whole.
Just kidding.

We happened upon a national clipper race...

So, there you go - a few miles of the shoreline for you to see! Pretty nice, huh? Those photos - that blue color in the water - that's SOOC, people - straight out of the camera. No kidding. It was that blue, when the sun was out. Beautiful. It sounded very nice as well. Can you hear it? I'm straining to hear it this morning. And remember that lakeside breeze against my face. What a wonderful memory.

Happy Wednesday to you. See you again right here tomorrow.


  1. Sigh. Gorgeous.

    Let's aim for spring, 2010 for our WI farm/small business startup. I am now thinking we also need a small restaurant...


  2. OH AMY! Your pictures are just beautiful!! ****JEALOUS!!!*** (Oh yes....I am. :)


  3. Lovely, lovely! You need to come visit in San Diego and I'll show you some beautiful shoreline, too! ;-) Seriously- if you come out, you have a place to stay!

  4. Loved the sailboat pictures, or were they clippers? Very nice! Guess you did not visit Horseshoe Island?

    As for you and Jessica's business endeavor, I have always said you should open a restaurant as much as you like to cook.

    Thanks for sharing.
    PS. The glads still make me chuckle when I think of your comments.


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