Friday, August 7, 2009

Fish Creek on a Friday

One of the little towns in Door County, on the more populated bay side, is Fish Creek. It's the only one of the towns with shops that we spent time going through - so many of these little shops have the same sort of stuff in them, so one town full was enough. Our main purpose of going to the area was to explore the landscape, the islands and the water.

While we walked around Fish Creek, I carried the purse camera with me and got a few photos of the amazing amounts of manicured flowers found everywhere in these little towns. They are beautiful - and so many of them would never live in Dallas past April, so that made them even more interesting to me. I am sharing them with you today on Ate Up Amateur. After walking through the shops we took a short walk through a city park as well, and those photos are here too. It went all the way to the bay, but it was overcast, so the bay photos from this date aren't that great. I'll share some fun water photos with you another day.

A growing gourd, I think.

Oh yeah, and in one shop...cheeseheads in multiple shapes!

I was very impressed I got this sort of close-up detail with the purse camera.

The whole plant was also very nice.

Like I said, the flowers were amazing.

They must grow with no care or these towns all have gardeners on the payroll.

One of the historical buildings.

I thought this row of planter columns were cool.

Old boat buoys, colored up at a restaurant.

And now, the park.

This was the view. Overcast, but still nice.
If only the photographer could get the horizon horizontal!

S, at another park nearby.

And one S took of me.
He was obviously cracking me up at the time.

He does that a lot. Crack me up, that is. He's so funny. I don't know where he comes up with the stuff. He says it's his saving grace - that he can make me laugh - he says that's why I "keep him around." There are many more reasons I "keep him around" - but, that's certainly one of them. ;-)

So, it's Friday. This Friday, it means our vacation is coming close to an end. Sniff. Hot Dallas awaits us tomorrow night. But, also waiting for us are our sweet dogs, so it'll be good to be home too. This vacation stuff, though, I could become a professional vacationer, no problem. If you hear of someone looking to pay someone to do that, let me know. I'll be sure to apply. Until then, here's hoping your weekend is a good one, and I'll see you here next week.

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  1. Just a quick note of thanks for sharing your Wisconsin vacation with us.


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