Monday, August 24, 2009

It's Been a Year

One year ago today, I started writing this silly blog. Here is why I started writing it, in the words of the first post:

"I take lots of photos. Lots and lots of photos. I have lots of them on Flickr and I send links to my Flickr account to my friends and family. But, sometimes, I want to comment about just a photo or two, or take photos of some random event in my life that doesn't really need a whole set in my Flickr account. So, I thought I'd make those comments here. To get them out of my head. And, organize my thoughts for myself. And, then if anyone else wants to read it, great."

And, that's still pretty much it. The thing is, because of the blog, I've taken even more photos than I would have without the blog. I've chronicled my life. Really, I have one spectacular diary, or journal, if you prefer, of the past year. And, I've gotten better at taking pictures too, IMHO. When I look at the photos, for example, from Alexandra's baptism in relation to the ones I took at Andrew's dedication, a year later, the quality of the photos from Andrew's day are better. And, in general, I get more "good" shots out of a shoot than I used to. I've learned a few things and the discipline of taking photos to post on the blog has helped me to become a better photographer. I actually find myself taking fewer shots as well - I know you find this part hard to believe - but I take more care in which photos I'd like to capture instead of snapping every darn last image on the planet.

And, you, my dear blog readers, you warm the cockles of my heart by reading this drivel from time to time. I mean, 23 followers is amazing to me! And, my google analytics tell me 579 unique people visit this site on a regular basis. Then, there are my friends on Facebook that read the feed. (Facebook friends, feel free to visit the actual blog regularly too - I think it looks better on the blog than on Facebook. Maybe you will too.) Also, I have about 17% new visitors every month. That's amazing to me, too. Amazing! None of it is a large amount for the Internet - it's a wee tiny thing on the Internet, really. But, it's amazing to me! I mean, I'd still write it if no one showed up for the aforementioned reasons. But, wow, I'm humbled that some people read it. It makes it more fun. Totally more fun.

And, we've had some fun together, haven't we? I mean, who could forget this post, or this one. Or, man, this one cracks me up when I read it, still, about my sweet nephew! And I love reliving days of my life by re-reading my posts - all of them - but here and here are two that stick out. I've really enjoyed putting together some posts that weren't of the humorous variety but spoke to me too. Like this one. And this one. And, of course, this one. And, I loved the feedback I got from all of you during posts like this one and these two. And many many more. It's hard to mention all of my personal highlights from 274 posts!

Me and my trusty camera.

All of that said, not much has changed here at the Ate Up Amateur ranch in a year. I'm still an amateur photographer and an amateur at life in general. I'm still as ate up as I'll ever be. And, I still have lots of stuff to say about the photos I take and the random stuff that goes on in my life. So, I guess I'll keep writing this blog for a while more. Until I reach the end of the Internet or something like that. Amen.

Thank you, THANK YOU, thank you for stopping by and reading my blog. I cannot thank you enough. It means a lot to me. Thank you for taking the time to be a follower of my blog, you dear, sweet 23 people. The more the merrier - I'm glad to share this space with you. I love it when you follow my blog. Love that. Love it. Did I mention I love blog followers? And thank you EVEN MORE when you comment. I LOVE reading your comments. Love that. Love it. Did I mention I love it when you comment? It adds to the enjoyability quotient exponentially!

But, mostly, just simply thank you. I am truly humbled to know you, my dear blog readers. See you tomorrow, for the exciting beginning of another ate up year.


  1. Happy Anniversary Ate Up Ameture! It was fun traveling down memory lane with you. I look forward to another year of fantastic pics along with chuckles and laughs.


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