Monday, August 10, 2009

Reflections on a Vacation

So we're back home, in the sweltering heat. Read: we're sitting indoors in the air conditioning. Doing laundry. Unpacking. Getting situated to return to reality. Ahem.

And, I had some time Sunday to look through all of my photos. Boy oh boy, do I have some that I want to share with you!

Tons, actually. More than you'll ever care to see. So, as usual, while the vacation is over, it'll live on through at least part of this week via this blog!

And, as he did last week - you know, here, (how could you forget that??) um, and even here, I thought we'd look at a few more photos of the S-man on vacation. He's going to give you a sneak peak of the sorts of things I've got in the digital hopper to share with you about Wisconsin.

I mean, he's so cute and everything, especially with his vacation growth on his face, so why the heck not, right? So, here we go, a "sneak peak" of the week ahead - the rest of the Wisconsin vacation.

First, S would like to tell you that we had some darn good food.
In some really cool locations. This one - in Wauwatosa.
More on that later...

He also bought taffy...

...which they packaged in a ridiculously girly bag...

...anyway, S-man ate the taffy in little seaside towns...

...while I photographed the scenery.

And him.
Heh heh - he caught me.

Actually, S would like you to know he took in the scenery often, patiently...

...while I was snapping away. I think he liked it.
I'll show you more seaside photos later this week.

The Lake Michigan side was a bit sandier - the bay side, rockier.

I love this one. So GQ. ;-)

It was so beautiful. S wants to tell you this one was near one lighthouse.

Oh, and here's both of a different lighthouse.
I'll show you more lighthouse photos this week too!

S wants to be sure you know we went to the Harley-Davidson Museum.

We both created our "dream Harley" on these computers.

Look - another one of the two of us!

Here, S-man is exhibiting the official "HOG" face...I guess.
I've got some really cool stuff from this museum for later in the week too.

S can also report we went to the Wisconsin State Fair.

We were there on opening day.
Crazy crowded. Crazy.

S liked posing with the Budweiser Clydesdales.
I've got more of the fair, too, for you!

So, there you go. Thank you, S, for the preview of the week. We so appreciate your assistance. We really do. And, I'm personally so glad you had a nice time on vacation. Ease back into the week, my man, and remember the fun we had!

I'll see you all here tomorrow with something from the great state of Wisconsin, never fear! Thanks for stopping by.

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