Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!

This weekend most of you will have some sort of Halloween celebration. Last year, during this holiday, I was in Indiana. And I really hoped to post some photos from a year ago for a little Halloween festivus. But, unfortunately, my computer did not cooperate. I could not get them to upload before next Tuesday. I need a new computer. Really.

But, I want to wish you a Happy Halloween anyway!

IMG_2684 (by Ateupamateur)
The giant slide.

These are the last (for now) of the State Fair photos. I think they are it, really. But you never know. I'm known for changing my mind. Heh heh. They are colorful, so they'll be a decent filler for a Halloween post, I guess.

IMG_2685 (by Ateupamateur)

I look forward to seeing photos of my brothers' kids dressed up. They'll send them along. I know Steve's kids will be a court jester, a policeman, and Yoda. My mother made the court jester outfit for Veda. We won't go into the years of therapy I've been through because she never made me a Halloween outfit. No, we won't go there. I am of course really only kidding.

Sort of.

I don't know what Rick's kids will be - guessing Ninjas or other scary creatures. And, I'm pretty sure Bob's kids are all costumed out - maybe I should say, in Bob's case - I can't wait to see what his grandchild wore for Halloween. There you go. What's Rolen doing for Halloween?

What are WE doing for Halloween? We have been invited to trick or treat with our old neighbors. That would be one "Indian Princess" and one "we're not sure" - because she couldn't make up her mind as of last weekend. So, we'll see.

IMG_2719 (by Ateupamateur)
Flower sculpture.
Even when it's sculpture, I can't help myself.
I had to photograph it.

IMG_2729 (by Ateupamateur)

I'm not sure if our niece and nephew in town are dressing up or not or if we'll see them - if we do, I will certainly have the camera handy. Andrew has a cute race car driver outfit that I saw on his mama's blog, but since he's young I'm not sure how "halloweeny" they are getting this year. We haven't heard what Alexandra will be. Only the Shadow knows.

OK, it doesn't really fit. But, does it matter? Um, no. Moving on.

IMG_2713 (by Ateupamateur)
Sort of the "Knightrider" version of a swan?

IMG_2730 (by Ateupamateur)
Now, these two looked like they were singin' a duet to me.

And, we're going to an SMU soccer game after the trick or treating, with S's work folk. I'm sure there will be lots of cute costumes there too. We are, however, going sans costume. I couldn't get S to wear a turtle outfit. Or anything else. One year, I talked him into go as a "doctor" by wearing scrubs. That's about it. He would make an adorable turtle though, no?

IMG_2692 (by Ateupamateur)

Speaking of sweet, I'll do my best to stay on the D-I-E-T this weekend. Have I mentioned how much I hate diets? Well, I do. I hate them. I hate being on them. And this fact should keep me from eating to begin with, don't you think? Somehow that didn't work. So, I'll try to stick with it. I promise NOTHING.

IMG_2696 (by Ateupamateur)
Paper butterflies.
Under the paper moon, over the cardboard sea.

IMG_3029 (by Ateupamateur)
Big Tex's belt. A big one for sure.

So, Happy Halloween, if you're a big party-er yourself. If you are taking your kids or grandkids around. If you are handing out candy like a good neighbor, or if you're like us, living up Halloween vicariously through someone else's kids. Whatever you're doing, be responsible and stay safe! And that's an order!

See you next November, for goodness sake!


  1. Ahem.. to use a word that frequently appears on this blog.

    So.. Ahem... scratching head, gee whiz... I sort of thought a mother's job was to make sure she did something to send her kids into therapy.

    Besides, I do remember helping paint faces, and come up with some creative halloween ideas... or was it a dream?

    Just teasing, although I probably am responsible for some therapy for her kids, even if not for not sewing Halloween costumes.

    Happy Halloween Daughter,
    Luv you too.

  2. As a photographer, you have great "bedside manners"- you take wonderful pictures, only post flattering ones, spell names correctly, and don't act like crazy papparazzi.


  3. i like the slides and big tex's belt



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