Monday, November 2, 2009

Recap of that October Holiday

jester policeman yoda (by Ateupamateur)
Veda, Deacon, Cora

I hope you had a nice weekend and a wonderful Halloween. We received phone calls, emails and Facebook updates from the relatives up north. Thank you so much for including us in the festivities! It is so fun to see what the kiddos come up with for the big day. Of course I have to show you some of those awesome costumes. Including, of course, the one my mother made for Veda, above left. Very nice work, Mama. I guess Cora was not feeling too good on Halloween. Her and her Mama went home before the party was over. She does look a little green...get it? Green? I crack myself up.

butterfly construction worker (by Ateupamateur)
Even Terri and Steve got in on the fun.

Actually, speaking of Facebook, it was a virtual Halloween scrapbook of Everyone's child you could imagine yesterday! What fun! My friend Deanna created this adorable outfit for her daughter to be a flower bouquet - precious idea. My friend Katrina made not one but TWO Imagination Movers outfits for two of her three boys - that was a finalist option for Deacon this year as well. That would be the only reason I even know who they are. Ahem. Anyway, the point is, it was fun checking out all the Halloween memories in a virtual way.

And, speaking of websites, (were we speaking of websites?) you can check out my great nephew's cute dog costume on the homepage of their photography website here. (If they change it before you get there...sorry. Just check out some of their other great photos while you are there!)

spiderman lion (by Ateupamateur)
My cousins Ken and Candy and their Spiderman and Lion, courtesy of my mom.

Ryon was "Jason" from the Friday the 13th movies, and Nathon was apparently a spot-on "Chucky". Hee hee. And, Jessica was a very well coiffed and decked out Dorothy. Photos are on their way, but not here before this post goes up. I'll share when they arrive!

nemo and jeff (by Ateupamateur)
My cousin Robin's boys, Caleb and Gabe, courtesy of Robin

We did not see the in-town niece or nephew. They went around visiting family and friends but we didn't make the list. I am sure they were adorable.

witch, s, indian princess (by Ateupamateur)
Sadie, S, Sophie - say that three times fast.

We were invited to the festivus at the old neighbor's new house. (Yes, I meant to write festivus instead of festivities - I like it. Get over yourself.) We were honored to be invited and had a great time. Turns out there was an Indian Princess as well as a Witch. Apparently, Sleeping Beauty was a close second, but her mama had already purchased the broom, so a witch it was! Photos of the fun are found in this post, of course.

costume complete (by Ateupamateur)

front of halloween book (by Ateupamateur)

all three (by Ateupamateur)
A "big girl" friend of theirs went with them, which they thought was SO COOL.
I love this photo mainly because I caught Mikee taking a photo in the mirror -
wish I would have thought up that tactic instead of it being a mistake.

S and Mike took the girls around the neighborhood while Mikee and I sipped some not-on-the-diet wine and handed out candy.

bat (by Ateupamateur)
So, obviously, the trick or treat photos were taken by S.

trick or treat 4 (by Ateupamateur)

trick or treat  (by Ateupamateur)
Nice job, bug guy!

When the girls arrived back at the house, they had a stash a plenty. Whoo-wee. Sugar overload for weeks to come!

the stash (by Ateupamateur)
Thank you to the mother who tried to purchase the semi-nutritious Teddy Grahams.
They went in the "don't want" pile immediately.

sugar overload (by Ateupamateur)
The sugar overload began quickly. Ahhhh...the memories.

handing out candy (by Ateupamateur)
The girls took over the candy handling once they returned home.

Then, we adults had some dinner. That would be the dinner that didn't include me staying on my diet one bit. I had bread, fried meat and gravy. For starters. It wasn't pretty. I'm not even that big of a fan of gravy, but Saturday night it was my best friend. And it was GOOD. And, heck, it was HALLOWEEN. Or, that's my excuse, anyway. I have a whole bag of excuses for you. Straight up back on the wagon now, though. And, doing fine.

sweet girl (by Ateupamateur)
Sweet Sadie

fanged indian princess (by Ateupamateur)
Sophie the "fanged Indian princess"

It was a great way to live up the holiday vicariously through someone else's kids. Thanks, friends, for including us.

Before and after Halloween, we also kept a busy schedule this weekend. Friday we attended Mary's funeral. It was a lovely service full of remembrances of a beautiful woman, inside and out. Several people spoke about how special she had been to them and how she had touched their lives from every corner of her world. She was without a doubt a kind, gentle, thoughtful, smart woman who lived a good life and we will miss her.

Why is it families only get together like that at weddings and funerals? Mary would have LOVED to see all of those people in that room. I had not seen some of them since our wedding over ten years ago! We need to do a better job about visiting with one another BEFORE the funeral, I think. It was, nevertheless, wonderful to see so many of S's relatives there and catch up a bit, sometime before our own funeral, so to speak.

Then, Friday night, we took S's mom Cheryl to dinner since S's dad is still living it up at Club Hospital. ;-) The meal was sort of in honor of their 38th wedding anniversary. (I tried to pick something diet friendly, but I did eat a roll...ah the carbs, they'll kill ya every time.) I'm sure they'll celebrate when he gets home. S's dad sent her some beautiful flowers and gave her a card and I am sure told her how much he loves her. Awwww. He didn't forget, sitting in that hospital bed.

Speaking of hospital beds, he was moved to a new room late last week. When he was moved a week or two ago to the long term wound care floor, he was placed in a semi-private room, probably because that was the one that was available when he showed up. No worries though - he had the "window seat." Shortly after he got settled in, though, they filled the other bed with a poor elderly gentleman who is clearly in a lot of hurt. God bless him. He moaned and cackled and made quite a ruckus 24 hours a day. Which meant Sam wasn't sleeping well.

When Cheryl was leaving one night, a hospital administrator-type asked her how things were for her and her husband, spending time there on that floor. And Cheryl, burdened by the fact that her husband has been in the hospital for four weeks and will be there a while longer, and that her husband couldn't rest well, told the administrator-type that it was OK but her husband couldn't properly rest and that was very unsettling to her.

Turns out that administrator-type was the COO of the hospital. She had Sam moved to another room that night and all the nurses were very concerned about how he slept the next morning. He is resting much better now and is enjoying his quieter room. And, on some level, I hope the gentleman left in the other room is a little more comfortable knowing he isn't disturbing anyone's sleep.

Saturday, S got up and made breakfast for he and his mother (at that point in the day I was still playing the charade that I'd stay on my diet all day) changed all four brakes on her car, changed the windshield wiper blades, and aired up the tires. She's ready to go after that pit stop! I took Echo in for a check-up at the vet, (she is a rock star at the vet-the all swoon over her and she loves it) and started work, with S's help, on a little refurbishing project on some items I recently purchased at a rummage sale that just need a little TLC to be beautiful. I'm taking photos and will share those with you when they are finished.

Sunday I worked more on my little refurbishing project and went over and took some photos at dusk of some leaves a-changin' in the area, thanks to a tip from my friend Karen. And I'll share them with you here later this week if they came out as I planned. Also, I messed around on a website for dieters that will track your calories and stuff to try to get and stay motivated for the week ahead. I have my first "weigh in" tomorrow....ugh. And, we had a nice visit with S's dad in his spacious, quiet, new room. It was a full but good weekend.

So, here's hoping the best for your first full week of November. See you tomorrow.


  1. Sorry the neice and nephew A & A did not make a show at your house. I would have loved to see pics, and am sure you would have loved to see them too.

    My goodness however, how much Sadie and Sophie have grown since I have seen them! Time flies and since they don't live next door anymore, I have missed seeing them grow. Looks like you had lots of fun.

    Be gently with yourself about the diet. New habits don't develope overnight. You can do this. Of that I am confident.

    Love mom

  2. Awww...thanks for the shout out. I was very proud of my flower bouquet. It was probably the one creative moment of my life. And I'm sure it will be reused next year.


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