Thursday, October 15, 2009

Perfectly Woven Web

Yesterday morning on the way to my car, I saw this...

...hung between two branches of a red bud tree along my driveway. You'd think I was really into bugs or something wouldn't you? No, not really. Not at all, in fact. But, they do make fascinating subjects, don't they?

And I should say - it is not as large as these photos seem to make it. It's perfectly spun, but not so big.

So of course, when I saw it, I immediately pulled out the purse camera to get a few shots - it was precipitating just enough to create a little bit of a haze - and outline this web.

Look at the detail!

Isn't that amazing? I mean, REALLY - AMAZING???

Funny thing is, my mom had left her water bottle in the car the night before, and was waiting on the porch in her pajamas in the raining mist for me to materialize down the driveway and hand it off. Minutes after I disappeared out of view and did not reappear, she decided to see what was up...

She came around the corner of the house and saw me standing in the driveway taking photos. Completely absorbed in what I was doing. Having no regard for her standing on my porch in the precipitation in her PJs. Whoops. Sorry mom. Sometimes this picture thing just takes hold and...

Oh, maybe you've noticed.

So, out of the spiderweb trance, I hurried on my way, retrieved the water bottle, and headed to work.

This poor innocent passerby leaf got caught in the action.

While not a huge bug fan, contrary to what you might imagine, I do have this sort of fascination with superheros - I get this from my dad, mostly, I'd say. But probably also from growing up with three brothers and a neighborhood full of boys. My dad though, likes superheros - Superman - Batman - Spiderman. He and I used to watch Lois & Clark together - in different states - and call one another to discuss afterward. And, he's a big fan of Smallville, too. And of course we've see all the superhero movies.

I have always been partial to Spiderman, though. Not just because it happens to fit this post. Of course, if it didn't fit the post, I wouldn't write it in this post would I? I'd save it for another random post on another random day. But, it's true - Spidey's my guy. I really like the Toby Maguire flicks. But, though, it can be said I am a sucker for ANY superhero movie. I LOVED Iron Man. Have you seen that? It's a good one. Spidey's in good company in my collective superhero brain.

Spidey, though - he has some good special powers, no? Climbing up the sides of buildings. Hanging from ceilings. Spinning a web. Cool stuff.

And of course, there was that scene - you know - the kiss - with Kirsten Dunst. Yowza. That one was in the rain, too...

I wonder if this spider is getting that kind of action. I'm just sayin'.

Anyhoo, I'm so glad I caught these photos though - I think they are kinda cool. So glad I have a "purse" camera - I mean, look at all I'd miss without one! Hope you enjoyed them as well!

Best wishes for your pre-Friday. See you tomorrow.


  1. I have also noticed some of these incredible webs being strung by our house too. Our spider just caught a large dragonfly in his web and is wrapping him up for dinner. Nice side effect of our current humidity is the moisture hanging onto the web, making it much more photogenic. Wonderful photos. Thanks.

  2. I'm sure I saw the words "SOME PIG" there somewhere...



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