Thursday, September 8, 2011

Steve's Birthday Lives On

Mindy's cake for Steve's birthday.
Fancy, huh?

On Sunday, we got together at my dad's for Steve's birthday. My camera battery went out on me mid-way through the festivities. So, during that time, I took some photos on my phone. But then my phone went bad and had to be replaced, and there was this whole issue with a back-up I didn't seem to have. So I lost those photos except for a couple I sent via email to other people. But, there were several good ones captured, I think. Here they are.

It was another BEAUTIFUL day in Indiana. Perfect weather. And, we had another great meal. And, of course, the company could not have been nicer.

Before we went to Dad's, we went to church.
I wanted a photo of LM in this cute little outfit.

Bob and Rolen, hanging out.

Swinging with the big kids.
At first I left his church outfit on.
But then it became evident those were not "play clothes" and we changed.

cora and luke swinging

Grandpa with Gibson

Playing indoors with Deacon

Loving on Stephen. 
It was nice Aunt Marlene and Stephen could come.

Gibson loves the guitar.

The birthday boy with the cake.

After blowing out the candles. 

gibson on deck
Sweet Gibby, again.

hot tub mania
Nathon, Deacon and Veda in the hot tub

Dad and Torchy have a hot tub that the kids like to play in. And play they did! They were in and out of that thing the whole time. Not just these three, but several others too! We waited until the traffic cleared and after LM's nap to try it out ourselves. LM liked the bubbles.

There we are!

I received a wicked sunburn on my shoulders the day before at Unks. So, I wore a tshirt over my swimsuit in the hot tub. 

My sweet boy. Oh how I love him.

Also after most of the crowd left, LM played with Kylie.
She was so very sweet to him, involving him in her playtime.

He loved to crank up the windchimes. 
They were loud, can you tell?

Kylie let the boy play with her at the sandbox too. 
For the LONGEST time. It was really nice.

Here they were playing in the sandbox lid.

It was another perfect day - perfect weather, so nice to visit with family, great food and hosts. Wonderful memories.

See you soon.

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