Monday, September 26, 2011

The Ducks Weren't So Impressed

Twice last weekend we tried to go to the lake with the boy to feed the ducks. We used to do this with our friends the Smythes when they lived next door to us and their girls were small. On Saturday afternoon, we were headed to have dinner with Kim and Mark and their girls, but had some time to kill before we went. So, we took some stale bread to the lake. First, we had a hard time finding any ducks at all. Then, when we did find them, we could not entice them to come close. In fact, they swam away from us pretty quickly.

You'll notice most photos these days include those crocs...
...he wants to wear them all the time.


Since we could not feed ducks, we decided to just walk up to the bridge and take in the pretty scenery for a few minutes. Funny thing - there were some runners and bikers going along the path - not as many as in the morning, but a few. There were even a few dog walkers. LM felt  this was either a parade or a bunch of people who came to that exact place just to see him because he was just waving and saying hello and good-bye to everyone.

Waving to his adoring fans!


The sun was just about at that "magical" hour where you have such beautiful light. This meant I had to snap photos even though the ducks were nowhere to be found!


Well, at least it's a good photo of S...




It was time to head to the restaurant after just a short time, which was really just fine as LM was getting a little cranky - combination of being a little tired and a little hungry I think. He is still adjusting to the toddler schedule - I will say he wasn't quite as tired THIS weekend as last, so perhaps we're making progress. But, he was still not his usual happy go lucky self. By Sunday, though, he was, and we had a great day which I'll tell you more about later.

Back to the truck...



Mr. Independent did NOT want to hold anyone's hand.
LM didn't want to hold hands either. Heh heh.

The second time we tried to feed ducks last weekend was on our bike ride early Sunday morning. I'll tell you about that tomorrow.


See you soon.

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  1. I actually think it was a good one of LM too! Yes a bit sober, but a good picture.



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