Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Five

Some of my blogging friends do a really good job at answering Friday Five questions. I have looked at them from time to time and they have never really inspired me. But, since I'm trying to blog more again, and I need to hone my writing skills, I thought it might be a good exercise. And, as it turns out, one of the sites with Friday Five had one today sort of on photography. And, since I started this blog as an outlet for the photos I like to take, I thought perhaps this would be an appropriate topic for me. So, here we go:

1. Yourself. Do you like having your picture taken? Why or why not? Do you have a "good side"?
2. Your pet(s). What are their names? How long have you had them?
3. Your favourite vacation spot. Describe exactly where the picture is taken. What's special about this place?
4. Your bedroom or favourite room in your home. Explain or tell a story about some of the items in the room.
5. One of your favourite pictures of all time, whether for artistic or sentimental reasons (it doesn't necessarily have to be one you took yourself). Why is this picture special to you?

1. No. I don't like having my picture taken. This is, at this time, mainly because I am heavier than I'd like to be. I recently covered this when announcing the return of the four letter word.

Photographed from "below" - I'm sure you can see why this is usually not flattering to people.

I don't have a "good side" per se, but a "bad side" would be shooting up from my feet (pretty much everyone's bad side).

Goofy chin in the air smile.

I also tend to raise my chin too high when I'm pleased or smiling. When the photo captures this slick move, I am even more mortified of the outcome. Blech. So, I try to remember to keep my chin down when photos are in progress. I'm horribly bad about remembering this.

2. I have two pets at this time. You know them well, I think.

Earnest Echo
There is Echo the dog. 

We have also Norman the cat.

Not that long ago we had four furry children. Little Bit and Ellie have left us. I wrote about Ellie's passing this last summer. I still miss her. She was a great dog. I hope someone's throwing her endless frisbees in heaven. Little Bit is another story - she was never really  a pet to begin with, so I didn't have the attachment to her that I had to my other animals. Norman and Echo keep us great company and have learned to tolerate each other more in Ellie's absence. I'm a "pet" person. I've had many, and I'm sure we'll have more. I love my furry children. 

3.  My favorite vacation spot. I am not sure I can pick a spot that is my favorite. I spend a great deal of my vacation time traveling to Indiana to visit my family. This is a favorite thing to do, but perhaps not really a vacation.  That said, we have had many wonderful activities in Indiana that you have all read about here.  We have had other vacations that were fabulous for this reason or that. I always like to get away from the city and take in beautiful scenery, whether that be at the beach or in the mountains or somewhere in between. Since this is supposed to be about photography, I'll just pull a couple I've taken on vacation I am fond of...but I'm not prepared to choose a favorite. Perhaps I should go into politics - I've done an excellent job of dodging the question, don't you think? Ha. 

On vacation in Wisconsin.

Fall in Indiana. How I miss thee.

Napa July 2008
Napa. Beautiful place. 

Cefalu 03 30 08 Powershot (36)
Sicily. Too many photos to choose from.

National Parks and mountains.


Can you tell vacation plays a major role in my photo-taking life? In my life in general? I try to have the next one planned before the last one is over. It helps me traverse the in-between, shall we say. 

4. The favorite room in my house is the kitchen. I love my kitchen and I love cooking in it. I don't do nearly enough of it right now, but it is still my favorite. Maybe one day I'll make it back there on a regular basis. We shall see.

5. Favorite photo of all time. Well, again, senator, I plan to deflect this question. I can't pick just one. But here are a couple that come to mind. 

S took this one. But that's a picture of the happiest woman in the world. 

The butterflies.

Sunflower 1
The sunflower.

veda holding leaf
Miss Veda.

Yellowstone Runoff
Yellowstone runoff.

S and his grandmother.

Floral Stilllife
The still life.

14 Scottish Rite with cool clouds
Scottish Rite in Indy

Ducks in the Midway 2
The ducks.

Ellie and her ball
My girl.

bean 8x10.jpg
The bean.

The sleeping cat.

My boys. 

OK, by not answering it directly, this post might never end. I'll stop there. Ahem. OK, this has turned out to be a long post! Who knew I'd get-a-talkin' and get this far. Thank you Friday Five. 

Hope your Friday is a good one. See you soon.

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  1. The best one for me is the happiest woman in the world! Made tears come to my eyes. I love you both.



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