Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Indianapolis Zoo

On Tuesday in Indiana, Dad and I took the boy to the Indianapolis Zoo. LM has been to a zoo twice before this - once in New York City at the Central Park Zoo and again in Colorado at the Denver Zoo. As previously reported, there were parts of each zoo the boy found interesting, but he didn't really "get" the whole zoo experience. I guess now he's old enough to "get" it, because he really did seem to this time. When you pointed to an animal, he would look right at it, and he enjoyed the show we watched that showed off the zoo's dolphins. While he got tired and actually fell asleep in his stroller by the time we were done, it was a nice time. And, again, great weather. Here are some photos:

Near the entrance, we saw these Sea Lions being fed. 

LM liked this right off.

We saw some very active gibbons. 
They were swinging through the exhibit which made it fun for the Little Man.

Those my friends, are very large bats.
A new exhibit at the zoo. Ew.

Don't get me wrong. I know bats have very important jobs. I used to live in Austin, where mosquitoes are kept to a minimum thanks to this really large bat population. You can watch them fly out from under this bridge they call home at dusk each night for most of the year. But, seriously, ew.

My mom tells me it's sometimes hard to see the bears because of the way their exhibit is tucked into the layout of the zoo, and how they have many places to hide. Turns out the day we were there it wasn't difficult to find at least one of them:

Like he was saying, "Look at me!"

Then, even though he had slept good the night before and had a nap on the way to the zoo, the boy seemed tired early on. He then perked back up for the desert exhibit and the dolphins. I don't know - maybe he just wanted to love on Grandpa. 

Melt my heart.

The lemurs were very playful.


This guy in the desert exhibit cracked us up.
Turns out he was doing his job - he was the lookout.
But those eyebrows and that expressive face!

LM checking out a very large lizard of some kind.

He was very impressed with that turtle since he came right up to the glass to greet us.

Learning about snake jaws.

He insisted on helping push the stroller up the ramp to the dolphin show.

It was a very impressive show with three sets of dolphins in action at all times.

We followed the show with a snack, and he kept on trucking until we hit the train, when he began to look and act very sleepy. 

Petting the sharks!


On the train. Sleepy boy.

We decided to take the train because on the map it appeared you might get to see the plains animals exhibit while on the train. Not so much. You see a bit of the elephants at the beginning and a bit of the giraffes at the end, but mostly you see their trash facility and their employee parking lot. Ahem. Not the most impressive train experience. 

Hark! Is that the recycling facility? 

We headed in to take a walk through the plains animals since we didn't really see them by train. We did this part of the zoo quickly, as we were all getting hungry.



The highlight of the plains biome - the baby elephant!

The baby elephant was born July 21, making her just about a year younger than LM. But, she already outweighs him. It was really cool to see the baby interacting with her mother. Very sweet.

It was shortly after the train my dad asked me if he was asleep in the stroller. I said, "I don't think so." My dad then looked at him in the stroller and said, "Well, his eyes are closed." Well then, Grandpa, yes, he's asleep. Ha. He slept all the way to the car and then really didn't wake up until we got to our lunch destination. The zoo it seems wore the boy right on out. 

Amish? Mennonite?

On our way out of the zoo, we saw what appeared to be an Amish family with seven children taking in the zoo's majesty. The kids were very cute...they are over there near the picnic tables, if  you can see them in their traditional dress and hats. They may have been Mennonite, as it appeared they drove themselves there in a big bus. But who really knows. Someone, I'm sure, but not me. 

It was great to spend yet another beautiful day outdoors in Indianapolis and spend some time with Grandpa too. 

See you soon.

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  1. That picture of LM laying on your dad is SO sweet! I love when tender moments like that are caught of camera.

    I really like your new haircut. It looks good on you.


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