Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fort Worth Zoo

On Labor Day we decided to capitalize on the wonderful weather and take a trip to the Fort Worth Zoo. This is an incredible zoo - so, so very cool. And the weather did not disappoint. Brooke and Michael's family came along, too for the first part of our visit. We mentioned we were heading over there at our impromptu dinner the night before, and they thought it sounded like fun. It was nice of them to join us for a while.

Brooke and her babies on the train

LM and S on the train

Katherine and Michael on the train

Katherine in the stroller

On the carousel.
LM doesn't look too sure...

I stayed off to watch the strollers and bags and take photos. I stopped taking photos about halfway through because I remembered how many we ended up with in Denver when S was taking the photos. However, none of them are great, so perhaps I should have kept trying...

Three of the boys

Compounding this photo op was that there were no more outside animals...

Andrew and LM traded places at one point.


Then Andrew rode with Mama for a while

Both kiddos in the stroller

After we walked around through some animals, we stopped for lunch. Katherine had not taken a nap on the run, so Brooke and Michael and the kids headed out after lunch and we stayed a while longer because LM had slept on the way over to Fort Worth. 

A funny story at lunch - we have been trying to get LM to not throw his cup on the ground. He gets away with this at school when all four kids are dropping cups at once, so its been sort of a hard thing to break him of. Sometimes when he does this more than once, we have slapped his hand (a baby sort of slap - nothing serious at all - more like a firm "pat") and said "no" to get our point across. Well, LM decided to drop his cup after I told him not to do it while we were at the zoo. I went around to pick it up, looked him straight in the face and told him to not drop his cup, and placed the cup back on the table out of his reach. Then...what does this kid do? He reaches over and slaps his OWN hand while smiling at us. Uh-huh. We are SOOOO in for it. Don't let him tell you he doesn't understand. We did everything we could to not laugh out loud as we told him, "That's right, it's bad to drop your cup." Oy. Sister, we are doomed.

I found out when I went to the Fort Worth Zoo website that they are having a photo contest. So, I tried my hand at getting a few photos, although I have to say it was VERY crowded and I never really got into the zone. There are a couple I might upload though. Here they are:








Eventually LM got tired too, so we headed for Dallas.

See you soon.

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