Wednesday, September 14, 2011

We Swim Again

During the four Saturdays in September, LM is taking the 12-24 month Baby Bear swim class. S did the first class by himself with the boy, like last time. Because S has to work the last Saturday of the month, both of us swam with him last Saturday and will do so again this Saturday. Then, I'll swim with him by myself the last class.

I got out of the water for a brief period of time, however, to take a few photos, of course. Here they are:

These are the class teachers.

I think the one on the right is the main teacher. I'm pretty sure the one on the left is there to learn the ropes so she can teach classes in the future. Apparently, the first class was taught by someone else altogether because these teachers were out of town over the holiday weekend. But, these ladies will be there for the last two lessons.
S and the Little Man, having a conference.

The boy seemed to get tired about halfway through the class last Saturday, crying through the back float section which he normally doesn't mind at all. He had a good nap before class, so I'm not sure what was going on. Perhaps his ears got water in them so it was a little uncomfortable.

The classmates.

There are only three kids in the class. LM and those other two little boys. The little girl with the teacher in the background was having a private swimming lesson in the same pool we were in. At one point, the little girl must have done something new or really well, because her parents (sitting at the side of the pool) sat up and clapped and whooped. Of course, when they did this, LM thought it was all for him. He smiled really big and giggled.

LM LOVES the pool toys.
Maybe because they are just like his bath toys...

Here they are swimming to the wall.

When they get to the wall, they are supposed to hang on with their elbows, which LM does pretty darn good, and is similar to what they were trying to teach them in the 6-12 month class. But, in this class, they also teach them to raise up to the side of the pool using their knees. This part LM hasn't quite mastered. I just am not sure his body really bends that way yet. But, we do it for him so he gets the idea. 

Some kicking and floating going on here.


...the underwater pass!

Good job Buddy!

Besides getting a little tired (which translates into a REALLY nice long nap afterwards) the boy seems to really enjoy the time in the water. I have to say, it is pretty nice. They keep that water at 92 degrees, because it's used for therapy and for little kid swim lessons. So, it was fun to be in the water with the boy. Lots of fun! I am looking forward to the next lessons.

See you soon.

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