Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Halloween Preview


So, I bought LM a Halloween outfit quite some time ago. I got this cute catalog in the mail and eenie-meenie-minee-mowed until I decided to get him the lion outfit. I just loved the mane. Nowhere in this process did I think about how my child would react to said costume or whether he would actually wear it.



It arrived quite some time ago. And I do think it's cute. But it's also fuzzy and LINED, so sister, let's hope there's an arctic breeze on Halloween or he might pass out from the heat. And, it has this headpiece that sealed the deal for me. But, to be cute, the headpiece needs to BE ON THE BOY., that's going to be a sales job.


Time to call in the special forces. Daddy S is great at sales. And at talking the boy into just about anything. Heck, he proved to him wearing a bike helmet was cool. So, surely he can convince him being a lion is cool too...he started warming him up to the idea by really playing up the "monster" towel and "super Luke" towel after his bath. You know, costumes. We also have tried to encourage his seeming love for the plastic fire chief hat we came away with at Touch a Truck. And, we got out his cowboy hat from his birthday to try to play up this whole dress up idea. All of that has been going pretty well.


He played with the head piece a few times. So we decided to go "whole hog" and try the "whole lion" last weekend. As you can see, we've got some further wheelin' and dealin' to do between now and then. It's gonna take some razzle dazzle, baby. We'll see how it goes...

Even Echo saw it coming.

See you soon.


  1. Love it!!!! The costume is very cute!

  2. The costume is cute.. but your descriptions were very funny.... made me laugh as I read and looked at the pics. I sort felt sorry for LM as I viewed the pics through the tears in my eyes from laughing.

    Good luck. Maybe next year you can remember that you are in TX now, not in IN where it is actually cold enough to wear all that gear and be thankful for its warmth.

    love ya


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