Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Froggie Spray

We were playing with the boys in a large grassy area where they became totally enamored with someone else's wagon. The people were kind enough to let them climb in it and check it out, but they wanted to STAY in the wagon. So, we had to find a good distraction. The next area over at the arboretum is a long walk covered by crepe myrtles that leads to four giant frogs that spray water into a center sphere. We decided to go check the water out.

Moments after arriving on the scene.

I wasn't sure how LM would react. Scratch that. I should have known how LM would react. He marched right on up to the water spray and stuck his hand in. So, of course, immediately, he was pretty wet. But he just kept standing there, feeling the water spray with his hands and having a good time for the longest stretch.











His friend Brent was not so keen on getting soaking wet, but he did go up and check it out - just at a safe distance. After a while passed, and we're not sure why, LM started to cry. I'm not sure if the wind knocked the spray onto his neck or something, and the photos didn't really give us a clue either. (And, as I'm writing this blog post, I cannot find the "sad" photos...I'll have to find them later.) But, it was fun while it lasted. And we had a change of clothes (but no shoes) in his bag. So we stripped him down and dressed him in dry clothes and strapped him into the stroller for the ride back to the car. In fact, it was so much fun he fell asleep on the way back to the car, and in the car, and on into his bed when we got home.



See you soon.

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