Wednesday, November 23, 2011



I am thankful for the home we live in and the shelter it provides.

I am thankful for our friends that lift us up and keep us real. I appreciate their counsel and example, their laughter and the memories made with them.

I am thankful for a job that I enjoy 99% of the time, co-workers who are a joy to see and work with on an ongoing basis, healthcare (at all) and that is worth having, and the paycheck that provides for our family's needs.

I am thankful for a wonderful extended family of relatives here and in Indiana. I love to walk by their photos in my hallway every day and think of them. I love to talk with them, read about them on Facebook, email with them, and just sit with them. They are amazingly diverse and sometimes crazy people that I love very much.

I am thankful for my adorable, smart, funny, amazing little boy who I thought would never exist. He is such a blessing to our lives. I love his giggles, his silliness, his smile and his cry. I love to watch him sleep, eat or play. I can't wait to see him every day and love to imagine my tomorrows with him. He is amazing and wonderful.

I am thankful for the man who is my son's father and my husband, for kissing me good-bye every morning, for providing for our family, for making me laugh even when I've had a horrible day, for being such a good Daddy, and for being my biggest fan. And for all the other stuff too. He is my love.

I am thankful for all of this and much more. I am a lucky girl in a society where there are so many people who want for so much. Sure, we have challenges, but we know where our next meal will be, where we will sleep and what we will do with our time. We are blessed.

We ARE blessed. We are BLESSED! And I wish the greatest blessings to you and your family. Happy Thanksgiving.

See you soon.

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