Thursday, November 10, 2011

More Family Photos

Here are the rest of "our family" photos from the larger in-law family photo shoot. Some cute ones, for sure.

sam touching ear

Luke on early bench
The boy - he was not interested in sitting with us on the bench.

luke on early bench 2
But those mischievous eyes are so darn cute. 

parents looking at Luke
I actually like this one of the three of us a lot.

Amy turning Luke upside down
Here I was trying to get him in a better mood.
It did not really work.

muted family photo
This one might be the best one of me. 
In my opinion.

on steps furrowed luke family photo
It is painful to have your photo taken.
Don't ya know.

family photo on steps good
Decent. Would have been better if the photographer was up higher, I think.

all the grandkids muted
The other cute one of all five.

luke on late bench
Love Love Love 

three generations
Three generations.

There are just this many more of each family, and then some. They are all great. But, I figured since it was my blog I'd highlight these, and they can highlight theirs on their blogs! Ha. 

Happy Thursday! See you soon.

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