Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Lion Roared

Well, I took the day off so the boy would be well rested for Trick or Treat. He wouldn't nap in the afternoon, so he was still tired for the festivities. It doesn't matter - we had a lovely day together. We baked cookies, played, did laundry, went grocery shopping, ate, and just spent time together. It was great. Since he was tired, he fell asleep on the way to Brooke and Michael's house. And, I wasn't sure if he'd wear the costume or not. He did wear it, for a while, God bless him. And, I think he might have even had a tiny eensey weensey bit of fun! Here are some photos:

His state upon arriving at the party.

The Lion, without the pacifier

There were very few photos of the lion without the pacifier...because when we removed it, well, the lion roared. Yes, I went there. 

Exhibit A

All the cousins - the ghost, ladybug, Strawberry Shortcake, lion, Army man

Nonna as Raggedy Ann!

Off we went!

The foot covers were the first to go.

I'm not sure the boy was so sure about this whole Halloween thing.

Eventually the mane went too and he seemed to have more fun after that.

I have a few more cute photos, but my uploader isn't participating and I've got to get on to work...so this will have to do.

See you soon!

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