Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Whew! What a weekend!

Well, we got back Monday night from a big ol' Indiana weekend. And, I went promptly to work on Tuesday. SO, Tuesday night was the first chance I could look at photos, and here is the first blog post of the week!  We had a great - fast - time in Indy. We flew up - me, Little Man and my mother-in-law Cheryl  - on Friday morning and back on Monday afternoon. In the time we were home, we visited like there was no tomorrow and we still didn't see everyone. The purpose of the trip was to celebrate Gibson's first birthday. The bonus was my dad's extended family had their Thanksgiving celebration on Sunday. It was great, tiring and too short.

On Friday night after we arrived, we had dinner at my mom's with Unk and Bevi, Lori and Isaiah, and my brother Steve's whole clan. My mom made lasagna and salad with garlic bread and I made the peanut butter chocolate bars.

That night, LM wanted to hug everyone. It was cute. Except Gibson didn't find it that fun - in fact, pretty much every time LM tried to hug Gibson, LM would - in a WWF sort of way - knock him straight to the ground. Gibson didn't like that much. Go figure! Not too long into the future, I'm sure little Gibby will be taller than LM and maybe then he can return the favor. Here are some photos. I turned on my flash for these as it was too dark to not turn it on. As you can see, not only do I not like using flash, I'm not very good at it. Strange shadows:

The sweet and adorable Gibson

Maybe the only photo of the two together.

A second or two later...

Three of the boys - Isaiah, LM, Deacon

Veda paling around with her Daddy

Trying to hug Gibson

Hugging Cora

Veda was the first to arrive at the kid's table

Hugging Deacon

Hugging Isaiah

Trying to "ride" Mickey as he crawled across the floor

The adults hanging out

Hugging Veda

Cora reading to Nana

Hanging with Big Unk

Laughing Gibson

When not being mauled by my boy, he's getting around quite nicely.

It was a nice visit. See you soon.

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