Thursday, November 17, 2011

Actual Football

We went to the SMU weekend before last - no really - we went TO THE GAME. For a brief period of time. We didn't just go to pre-game festivities. The LM had fun but only for a while. When he was getting tired. So we left after just one quarter. But here are the highlights:

Our friends who boulevard regularly entered a contest before this game.
They should have won. They were robbed.

The stroller parking at their boulevard spot. 
My, how times have changed.

At the game, in our seats, having some lunch.

The National Anthem

Which, by the way, is one of Little Man's favorite songs these days. He has a book my mom made him called the "Yankee Doodle Songbook" - it's his favorite book right now. And, he will flip through the pages and ask you to sing two of the songs over and over and over. Those two songs are - Yankee Doodle and The Star Spangled Banner. So, yours truly and his Nonna sang them over and over and over at 30,000 feet, too. And his other Nana in Indiana sang them too. Really, anyone he can get to sing these two songs are immediately some of his favorite people. 

Those crazy undergrads.

The incredibly small and sad sounding Tulane band.
And, really, I'm not just saying that. They were, well, not good.

The coin toss


A few weekends ago they retired one Peruna and installed the next one. I didn't think the "old" Peruna looked old. Until I saw this young filly. Yeah. Big difference. 

I'll cut the suspense. SMU showed up and won this game.

Oh how I love this boy.
Actually, oh how I love those boys!!!

Big stuff "hang in'" at the game.

After only a little while the boy was antsy. So, we headed to Kid Hill, in the south end zone. LM and S rolled up and down the hill a few times. And then we went home for the boy to nap. It was a pretty day and a Pony win, so not a bad day at all.






I have tons more photos from Indy - just processing thru them and getting them uploaded. I hope to share them soon.



See you then.

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