Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving in Indy

While we were in Indiana, we also were able to attend my dad's extended family's Thanksgiving. This group encompasses all of my Grandma Irene's children and their children, and their children too. There are people in this group that I don't get to see all that often when I'm visiting. Time is just so jam-packed, and they live here there and everywhere. So, it was so great to be able to attend this gathering for the first time in a million moons. Here are the highlights:

Nathon holding LM

My great nephew Rolen holding my son.
Every time this photo is taken, I will revel in it. 

Nathon, Grandpa and LM

Once again greeting Veda

Fun with Aunt Sherri

Right before the Blessing

Chowing down.

The hosts.

The gathering was at my Aunt Marlene and her husband Stephen's house. They have this one very large room in the middle of their house that works well for such gatherings. There were wall to wall people, but we all fit. And, the weather wasn't so bad outside so the kids could get out of there and play. This made it all the more appealing to the adults. Ha.

Nonna and the boy.

The food was DELICIOUS. But, all the boy wanted to eat was his roll and some pretzels. In fact, he learned where the pretzels were stashed and would walk into the kitchen and demand some of any adult standing near the container. Somehow, he communicated this wish quite clearly, because he would always end up with his pretzels!

Brother Bob and SIL Sherri

LM loved the door.
Ryon was on watch at this moment.
Eventually we let him go outside and play a while.

The football brigade - Uncle Jim, Robin's husband Mike and cousin Ali

Debi was the first one coaxed into taking the boy outdoors.

I wish this wasn't blurry!

Gibson (and SIL Terri) was also there - he was getting a little tired in this photo.

Ryon, posing


And LM thought he was just as big as the big boys. He climbed up and down that "hill" twice, and the second time he "scooted" back down on his bottom. The first time, cousin Deacon carried him down.

Gibson and his older cousin Amber


Of all of his Indiana first cousins, I think he has the most chance of somehow resembling this one, Deacon. He has a second cousin, Caleb, who he also favors...but, sister, that's about as good as it gets. This boy resembles those Dallas relatives. No doubt!

OK, LM makes that face. So, perhaps there is SOME resemblance...not much.

Oh, these boys had such a good time on that hill!

Gibson and his Daddy

What a bunch!

Marlene's husband Stephen is actually very good at making sure an accounting of who attended is done via photos. He had a photo slide show running from previous Thanksgivings. It's nice to see from year to year how the families grow and change. It's very good of him to take the time to do this. I just glommed on for a few...

Saying Good-bye!

Here is that cutie Caleb - in some photos, I see resemblance between LM and him.

Love this one!
Nathon was NOT going to smile.

Also good!

My nineteen year old nephew Austin also showed up to the shin-dig, with his lady friend. Amazing! It was the first time I had seen him in a while! But, he had left by the time this photo was taken. He's a busy guy.

Saying "Hello!" to Aunt Dot.

After a while, LM got tired too.

Then at the end he had some GREAT fun with sweet Gabe

First, a cute story - Cheryl asked Gabe if LM went into the kitchen from the living room. Gabe said, "You mean the little guy?" while gesturing about a child about half his height. Cheryl said, "Yes!" Gabe said, "Yeah, he went that way." "That way" was the kitchen, where he and LM had the MOST fun playing in the leftover ice from the drink cooler. They laughed and laughed and laughed. It was so cute.


Don't worry - we were watching!

Here they are laughing at one another.

And ice is GOOD!

Irene's kids - Uncle Jim, Uncle Kenny, Aunt Marlene, Dad, Aunt Dorene

It was a great gathering - good food, good company, wonderful people. I hope we can hit this one again before too long goes by. Thanks for letting us crash the party!

See you soon.


  1. "Thanks for letting us crash the party"? Amy you and Luke and Cheryl were honored guests. Your son is so cute. Cheryl is so sweet and you are a joy for us. That salad was great. Need that recipe. Anyway great photos by you and your Uncle Steve. Love, Aunt Dorene

  2. We were honored and very happy to have you and Luke and your mother-in-law visit. You are always welcome here, Amy. Family is everything...
    Uncle Stephen (Marlene's Hubby)


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