Monday, November 28, 2011

Back to the REAL WORLD

Oh how re-entry is painful after a gloriously long, wonderful weekend such as I just experienced. We were productive, we cleaned out and up and away, we ate good food, we visited with relatives, we put up Christmas decorations, we went to the first Sunday of Advent at church, and we spent time TOGETHER. It was SO wonderful. Pretty near perfect.

And now, to ruin that festive occasion, the REAL WORLD has come a-knockin'. Now, don't get me wrong, the real world ain't all that bad. I mean, I have already said I like my job. And the people AT my job, etc etc. It's just, well, YOU KNOW. I don't have to 'splain it any further. You know.

Thud. Back into the thick of it. 

So, to help you with your re-entry, here are some photos I snapped last Wednesday. I met my friend Melissa at the Arboretum to take photos of her little chunk of love Ethan, who will turn six months this week. We did take photos, and I will share them with you. Along with tons of other photos I took on my desert island called a long weekend. But, for today, just some pretty ones of flora I snapped before Melissa and cutie patootie arrived. It'll help me make it through the day, and I hope it helps you too.

Are gourds flora?

Not sure the right classification of a gourd.
But they are pretty, no?





This is apparently a mum. 




These are also supposedly mums.
Can someone verify that for me? M-kay. Thanks.

This one - I believe its mum status.



There, now. I feel better already. Here's to a soft landing back in REALITY for all of us. 

See you soon.

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