Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sewing Project Update: UNCLE

So, I waited along long enough that it was panic time on these ol' Christmas vests. So, my sister-in-law Kim, who makes all the cute dresses for the girls, offered to come help me sew. So, I took her up on it. And, I forgot to take photos. But, I took some at the end. So, here they are. How's that for some choppy sentences.

I should say, it was not so bad - if I had just FORGED AHEAD without worrying so much about what I didn't know, it would have been fine. But, it was fun to have Kim help me too. We spent about five hours on ONE VEST last weekend - three hours Saturday night and about two more on Sunday. Lather, rinse, repeat to get one for LM, but man, Andrew's vest is looking GOOD! Here you go:

Gratuitous shot of Kim at the sewing machine
Yes, you need Wet Ones to sew. Who are you people?

Messing with the back of the vest - the way the center comes together at the bottom is tricky.

Instructions. That were MOSTLY in English.
There were only a couple of times we were stumped.

Trimmed pieces. Lots of trimming.

Toddlers entertaining one another.

Seriously, they are so cute together.

The night before Sophia came with her paci in her mouth. I had to give LM his because he kept stealing hers. Actually, even after I gave him his, he kept stealing hers. LM and I had a little "come to Jesus" talk about stealing someone else's paci, and then he seemed to move on to more fruitful pursuits. LM knows when his Mama is talking serious turkey. And not just around Thanksgiving, if you know what I mean.

Did I mention there was trimming? 
Oh, yeah, I did.

I did actually trim and sew, too. I did! Actually, I did most of the sewing on Saturday while Kim read directions and ironed. Kim sewed on Sunday and I did the directions/ironing. And this is why I remembered to get the camera out on Sunday. Because I wasn't SEWING, people, come on!

S, doling out the goods.

Toddler negotiations of said goods.

OK, so here it is, people.
Pretty good, huh? 
(No comments about the dingy ironing board cover.)

It was, at this point, lacking some slip stitching of a seam on the inside of the vest. (Is that really needed? I mean, it is the INSIDE.) And, buttons. I'm going to finally check out the buttonholer on my machine. Ha. And, a little belt part for the back. That's it! One is pretty much done! Only moments before the holidays arrive! Imagine! It seemed so far away back in August when I hatched this plan...but I digress.

The back.

The center seam on the back. 
Um, can I get an AMEN for that seam? I mean, REALLY!
Look how well that fabric matches up!

So, a big ol' thank you goes to my SIL Kim, who pushed me over the edge into actually doing it. And, for sharing her sewing expertise with me. Only one more to go. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...

See you soon.

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