Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hanging of the Greens

I thought this would be a good post for the first day of December - a few photos of S "hanging the greens" at our house this past weekend. While we worked in the yard, we took a moment to hang up our outdoor Christmas decor - that is, some wreaths on the windows.

IMG_4785 (by Ateupamateur)
Here is evidence of some of our other work.

S cut back all the lantana in the flower planter on our porch. It was time. It will, the good Lord willing, make an appearance again next spring. It's a lovely place for lantana, in my opinion.

IMG_4779 (by Ateupamateur)
I also couldn't help but take some photos of the mighty Red Oak.

IMG_4780 (by Ateupamateur)
She's all decked out for the season too - multicolored majesty!

IMG_4781 (by Ateupamateur)
Goodness knows I love a pretty tree.

IMG_4782 (by Ateupamateur)
Especially when it's in my front yard!

IMG_4774 (by Ateupamateur)
OK, on to the subject at hand.

We started hanging these artificial wreaths with the red bows a few years ago - this might be the fourth or fifth year - I'm not sure. What I am sure of, is when we started, the ribbon the wreath hangs from and the actual bow were the same color. Same color no more! Sun has faded them differently. In fact - and it's hard to tell in the photo - the bows sort of look orange. I think I might need to replace those bows for next year. After Christmas sale, here I come!

IMG_4776 (by Ateupamateur)
That wreath went there, on the single window.
Pay no attention to the man behind the tall grasses.

IMG_4772 (by Ateupamateur)
The other two sets of wreaths hang in pairs.
On the double windows.

This is always a tricky proposition - getting them to hang evenly. Without, you know, having even ribbon lengths, or doing any measuring of any kind. While S is dangling precariously from a ladder. It's holiday fun at it's best! Not to mention, marital bliss! So, we don't really worry too much about getting it perfect. Close enough is close enough.

IMG_4778 (by Ateupamateur)
See? Close enough!

IMG_4783 (by Ateupamateur)
The final pair is on the porch.
Easiest location to hang. Except for that whole "evenness" thing.

IMG_4786 (by Ateupamateur)
I took this one from inside the svengali forest.
I was tracking the habits of the Italian male species.
OK, maybe not.

IMG_4787 (by Ateupamateur)
All done! Until January 1.

So, there you go. We're all decorated. What? What's that you say? How does the inside of the house look? All decorations in place there to? Yes? Yes?

Well, um, no. Not at all. And maybe not this year. We'll see. But from the street, we're good. Gotta keep up appearances for the neighbors, don't you know. Don't you know.

Hope the start of December and your Tuesday are great. See you tomorrow.

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