Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Holidays are Upon Us

Between naps the last couple of days, I have ventured out of the house with S on a couple of occasions. First, we met some good friends from LA for lunch. They have a new baby that we met for the first time. She was very sweet. It was nice to catch up - I'm not sure what kind of lunch company I was given the state of affairs and not feeling 100% but it was nice to see them nonetheless. And, we'll see them once more after Christmas before they head back to the west coast. Hopefully I'll be more chipper by then!

IMG_5561 (by Ateupamateur)
But I caught this nice family photo after we ate.
Not bad on the fly, eh?

Yesterday we ventured out early in the morning to the mall to pick up a few last minute items. It was a good choice, as we were leaving around noon and it was starting to get really busy. And it allowed for me to come home and nap all afternoon, which was also nice.

IMG_5564 (by Ateupamateur)
But while we were at the mall, I snapped a few photos.

IMG_5562 (by Ateupamateur)
This is supposedly the largest mall Christmas tree in America.

IMG_5563 (by Ateupamateur)
It is pretty, with all the lights and the skaters below.

IMG_5565 (by Ateupamateur)
And has a nice topper.

IMG_5490 (by Ateupamateur)

And, before any more time passes, we recently had the opportunity to babysit S's nephew Andrew for the evening. I know, it's not quite a holiday event, but he's just so darn cute I know you won't mind a couple of photos.

IMG_5500 (by Ateupamateur)
S worked to entertain Andrew...and me...and now YOU!
Heh heh.

IMG_5502 (by Ateupamateur)
Andrew did eventually notice that activity - not that he was amused.
I mean, what IS that face anyway? I do love that face, however. I do, I do!

IMG_5503 (by Ateupamateur)
Whoa. Does he look like his dad in that photo, or WHAT?

IMG_5504 (by Ateupamateur)
This was shortly before the vomit.

That's right - the child has a propensity to vomit. Silently. You look down and it's there. And he got S not once but TWICE when we were there. S had to take off his shirt because the amount of vomit was so great it could not just be wiped away. Good job, little man. Good job. I told S - wait for it - I told him SPIT HAPPENS. Amen.

Today we head to Indiana for a few days. Tonight, really. We get there very late and will start the real visiting tomorrow. I can't wait to catch up with all of my Indiana family! We have wonderful caregivers taking watch over the house, the animals, the plants, etc. We are so thankful to them for watching over things while we are away!

I hope your holidays are off to a good start as well. Best wishes for your Wednesday! See you tomorrow!

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  1. "This was shortly before the vomit."

    Best caption, ever.

    I hope you are feeling back up to 100%, soon! I heard nothing but fabulous things about the Christmas Concerts- congrats! Take care, travel safely, and Merry Christmas!



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