Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday after Christmas

12.26.09 036
We missed the first White Christmas in 86 years in Dallas!

It's the Monday after Christmas and all through our home, the creatures are stirring to greet the caregivers while I write this poem.

We've had a great time in Indy with my fam, but today we'll head back to Dallas with little glitz and glam.

While here, we played with the kids, fed the less fortunate and watched it snow, opened presents and visited with the grown ups so we're more in the know.

12.26.09 042
My mother-in-law sent these photos to us, though.
The snow didn't slow down the dogs!

We caught up on the gossip and some much needed rest as well. It's nice everyone had some time off before they again have to hear that school or work bell.

My dad's off to Florida and Torchy too, with visions of warm nights and shuffleboard. Woo-hoo!

We had a nice Christmas and S's birthday, with the best gift of time with loved ones - what more can I say?

12.26.09 039
The backyard was covered too, of course.

I have lots to share as this year comes to an end. I wish you a wonderful Monday and will see you here tomorrow, my friend!

And that ends the misery - the end of bad poetry. Amen.


  1. I couldn't quite get the iambic pentameter right. We had fun seeing you guys, too. See you soon hopefully.

  2. Come on back, we missed you!


  3. Cannot believe this is Dallas!!!



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