Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Cousins, Part One

Those vests finally were finished. Just in time for a little "photo shoot" for the cousins in their little matching outfits. I saw this idea on Pinterest to put white Christmas lights in front of a white background for a Christmas photo. So, I set that up. But, it needs to go the other way in the room so I can step back further. Anyhoo - turns out Andrew was sick, so we couldn't get all five together. But, the other family still came and we used it as a dry run. This dry run let me see what I could do to hopefully improve things when we try it again this Saturday. But, here are the photos from the three of five:

Sporting the vest before everyone showed up.

After all the drama (my own personal drama, that is) I am pleased with how the vests turned out. They are totally cute. The boys were to wear black pants, white shirt and black shoes...oops - I forgot about the black shoe part. The closest thing LM had were some Converse one stars. So that is what he wore. The good thing about a re-do is I was able to get him some all black shoes for this Saturday! Yay!

The backdrop.

We had this turned so the window would be directly across from it and behind the photographer(s). This was a nice idea, but it didn't allow us enough space to get back far enough for good bokeh, etc. So, this Saturday, I plan to have it facing the other way.

Cutie Patootie Alexandra was most willing to give it a try.
Once she did the babies followed.




Maybe my favorite one...

Also cute!

OK, so there were several cute ones. 
Cute kids makes it easy.

Love this one. And, maybe here, he looks a LITTLE BIT like my family? 
Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Ohh, love this one too.

And this one.

I didn't get any of Miss Sophia by herself. Otherwise, I'm sure they would be in this list of ones I love. 

Marginal success.

And, in shots like that one there I start to think Kim and I gave birth to twins, ten weeks apart and from different parents. It's a stretch, but those two - they resemble one another SO MUCH at times. It's funny to me. 

I hope we can get a couple cute ones of all five this Saturday. If not, it'll be a holiday memory if nothing else. After the photos we are going to the grandparent's house to have Christmas. That will be all sorts of holiday memory. It'll be great. 

See you soon.

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