Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Haul out the Holly!

Also over Thanksgiving, S hauled the Christmas decorations out of the attic and we decorated the house for the season. We put way less out this year than most, as I pretty much left the breakable stuff in the box. It was so fun to decorate as a family and start to show LM what Christmas is all about. (Not that decorating is what Christmas is all about - but it's part of the fun of the season. Don't get your panties in a wad, people. Geez.)

LM was super cute, decorating mostly himself.

Last year I bought this really skinny Christmas tree that easily fits into the corner of the den. My other Christmas tree is much nicer and beautiful, but sister, it is HUGE, and a hassle to get up and down from the attic, and it takes up like half of the living room when you put it up. So, until we move to someplace that can better accommodate that tree, I'm sticking with the pencil variety. It's pretty and you don't have to move the furniture! And, since we only used ornaments that weren't breakable, we had plenty of room for ornaments that qualified. 


LM wasn't into the group shot, however...

...unless you count the part where he tried to decorate the dog.
Echo says, "I have no remaining dignity." 

Love this one.

Oh, back to poor Echo's lost dignity, LM also tried to RIDE the dog.
This is where S tried to remove him from her backside. Ahem.
She is a patient and loving dog. 

I love it when we create family memories. 
So fun.


Oh, and then there was this.

LM went over to S and pulled up his shirt (while he was pulling up his own shirt) so they could compare belly buttons. Several times. Each time he would just giggle and giggle. It was totally cute. Totally.

LM and his tongue.

After everything was pretty much up and in place, we tried to get LM to sit in front of the tree for a photo op. Yeah, well that one with the tongue out up there was one of the GOOD ones. Here are a couple more:


Some artists throw their guitars. Some artists eat them.

Some artists channel Tiny Tim.

That look says it all - um, Ma, ya ain't gettin' the shot.

He is teething big time right now...molars...and drooling and a bit cranky, and well, all of this means he gets his pacifier a lot more than he used to. Here's what I'm sure of - he won't go to high school with his pacifier. Ha.


See you soon.

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