Monday, December 26, 2011

Travel Day

LM with some of his Indiana cousins.

So, with like half of the rest of the country, we'll be traveling today, back to our little abode. We've had a great time and I'll chronicle all of it here as I am able. But for today, we'll be packing up and saying good-bye. I hate the good-bye part a lot. Then, wrestling with a toddler on a two hour flight, praying for no delays. God bless those who fly with more than one child and/or on a longer flight!

We've made wonderful memories with our Indiana family and our boy, and another lovely Christmas is in the books. Of course, as usual, we didn't see everyone. In fact, the boy has taken to three hour long mid-day naps while we are here. So, that has greatly stifled the travel to a fro to visit with others! I guess Nana's house is quiet and comfy to him! But, we saw quite a few of our wonderful Indiana family, and that was just grand. 

I hope you have had a great holiday thus far.

See you soon.

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