Thursday, December 29, 2011

Indiana Cousins

I was talking to my SIL Terri a few days before we headed north and we ascertained that our kids had matching pajamas and we didn't even plan it! Score! So, the first night we were in Indy, we tried to get some holiday photos of the kids in their pajamas. So, here are some of the Indiana cousins:

Ok, but first, look at this cutie!

We tried this shot again.
Shocking, I know - my kid wasn't interested in playing along.

We turned out a good one of these four, though.

Next up - some fireplace backdrop photos.

May I just say, taking photos of five children who are not all under the age of four is MUCH EASIER than when they are all under the age of four, aka the Dallas crew. But, it's all fun, no matter what. This photo shoot, my son, the angel that he is, was the biggest challenge.

Then, on their tummies, in front of the fireplace.
Probably the best one.

Then we tried in front of the tree. 
But Gibson was done. Enough! 

Cute kids, fun photos, matching pajamas! Nothing says Christmas like that!

See you soon.

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