Monday, December 12, 2011

Product Endorsements can be TRICKY!

Well, once again this year, the wonderful woman that runs the store at work asked me to photograph LM in one of her products. She says photos of babies/kids in the products helps move merchandise. So, we set out to do this on Saturday. I was setting up to take some photos of the cousins in their cute matching Christmas outfits later in the day, and thought I would use that backdrop. It also gave me time to check out the lighting and adjust the location of the prop for that afternoon shoot.

The thing is, LM wasn't up for a photo shoot.

Moments before this, he was happy and in a good mood. For some reason, when we set him down on the white fabric, he went the other direction. Crying. Sad. Inconsolable.

I also moved the prop to lose the shadows.
Although, late in the day, they aren't this defined.

That is a seriously cute shirt, though, no?

NO, LM says, NO!

I also adjusted my white balance to take out the yellow.

OK, so LM wore this onesie (with jeans) to the kiddie concert at work later that morning. I took some photos in the lobby that turned out quite nice. I will share those with you tomorrow. Actually, some of those might work for the product endorsement, thank goodness.

Later in the afternoon, before the cousins came over (which I'll tell you about later this week too - that one is going to be a redo next weekend as well - more later) we tried the onesie photos again.

You will notice at first, it seemed we would get the same result.

Yes, I forgot to adjust the white balance...yellow again. But, I can fix it post processing. Then again, I'm not sure I mind it - it's warm and Christmas-y. So maybe it's OK.


And generally, he just wasn't into it.

But Daddy distracted him just enough to get at least a pleasant face.


And he found the lights...


...but he just wasn't going to cooperate much.

You'll see - the photos at the hall from Saturday will most likely work for the store - I'll show them to you tomorrow. And maybe even a couple of these will work, with some editing. Oy! We'll see how it goes - I'll let you know what we end up with!

See you soon.

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