Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane

On the way to Indiana, there was a playscape in the terminal. This was an excellent place for LM to blow off some steam and pick up some germs before boarding the germ infested, but stifling for activity plane. Here are some photos of the fun that was had:



S does a mean wave.
Oh, and the lurker had a kid with him. Just so you know...he was legit.


S is clearly making sound effects here.



And checking out the planes and trucks before we boarded.

The good thing is...knock on cyberspace of this writing the boy is still well, different germs abounding everywhere. I hope it stays that way!  

I also realize I'm going to have to cover a little more ground than this every day or we're going to be talking about this Christmas trip to Indy until April. We'll see how I do tomorrow. Ahem.

See you soon.

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