Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Miscellany

So, for today - here is the drumming video. The kid is a crack up:

If the video isn't showing up, click HERE.

And, here is some proof of LM's 15 seconds of fame, already spent.  The Christmas concerts at work used photos of babies in the finale. We asked everyone on staff and in the orchestra and chorus to send some in. I then sent them on, with this photo of LM from last year, to the video producers. When I saw the slideshow for the first time, LM was the last baby, appearing on both screens. Of course I have taken quite a bit of ribbing for this, since everyone thinks I rigged it or something. The thing is, I didn't. I REALLY didn't. He's just that cute. And, well, he has a Santa hat on. So there you go. Here are some photos I took after the last show:


Extreme close-up.

The other side

The two sides are mirrors of one another, really.

You can tell here the scale of the screens - people sit in those seats with railings on them...and that tree is like a gazillion feet tall. So, he was up in the air, big ol' face for sure.

Close-up of the tree.

And, some detail of costume load out. Ha.

Christmas has left the building!

And so has the LM's fifteen seconds of fame.

See you soon.

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