Monday, October 29, 2012

A Cooking Fool


Today is the annual chili and dessert cook-off at work. I decided to enter some contenders, since it was on a Monday and I had the weekend to collect my thoughts. I searched the Internet for things that sounded good to me. Then, I had to narrow it down to one or two items. We also spent some time at home this weekend, which was much needed, and got some things picked up and organized. LM and I played a new game, and the photos in this post are from that time together. I didn't photograph the cooking - I know, strange, huh? By the time I got to the actual cooking, I had to sort of go full on just to get it done!


What did I make? Well, this chipotle chili recipe for one. I REALLY like this chili. It's delicious! I'll be keeping and repeating this recipe, fo sho. Then I got this silly idea that a lentil chili might be good. I love lentils, and I was looking for something maybe a little different. I found this version on the Internet. I followed pretty closely, but ended up adding a little salt and a little worcestershire sauce to it. I think those were the only modifications...anyway, it is also very nice!



Then, in the dessert category, I had LOTS of options. I mean, really, there are TONS of fabulous fall desserts. But, I decided to make these. And, I feel I might have overcooked them. That said, the combination is tasty, friends. Very tasty. And, lastly, I made one of these. It's beautiful, sister. Just beautiful. I can't wait to taste it - it appears to be rather moist, so that's good. I have high hopes. 





It's going to be a busy week. First, I have a sink full of dishes to clean tonight. Ha. Second, we have All Hallow's Eve on Wednesday. Then, on Friday night, the boy and I are flying to Indiana! Yes, that's right - a VERY quick trip, because the route came up on NetsAAvers. God help us, we're flying American Airlines, which is who we usually fly, but these days is a dicey option. On top of that, this Sandy storm is just about to hit the east coast! I hope the airports are settled out after this hurricane by then, and hope AA can keep it together to get us there and back for our brief visit. And, I really need to get my hair colored soon, as the roots don't match the rest. Shocking! Oh, and of course, I have TONS of stuff go get done at work. That too. So, that'll do it. Enough for the week, huh? 


I hope your Monday goes well, and the rest of the week as well. I'll let you know how the contest goes - I don't usually win, just so you know. But, it's just fun to participate!

See you soon.

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