Monday, October 1, 2012

Kim's Family

Last weekend, when I rented that lens to try it out, I also took some shots of Kim's family at the Arboretum. They were very easy to photograph - here are some of my favorites:

Here is the whole group, with some Chihuly.

The Chihuly is still out there, so we wanted to try one spot where we could maybe have some Chihuly in the frame. These also turned out to be my favorite group shots. We did some on the stairs, and I didn't pay enough attention to people's heads moving or the girls not looking, and we did a big shot in sun - just to try it, and they are also not as good, in my opinion. But this set turned out several good shots, I thought.



This is the best of the "stair" photos...

We caught some good ones of just this family on the stairs, though!


Best of the uncomfortable sun photos.

But we caught some nice ones of Matt and Laura at this location!

Then some smaller group shots turned out well at a fourth location.
Mama and her girls!

Dad and the girls.

Mimi and Alexandra.

So sweet.

Sophia was done with photos by this time, though...ha.
We caught this cute one anyway!

Since Alexandra was posing so nicely, we took some others of her.


I loved having that rented lens. I plan to purchase it or another one like it sometime soon. It's quite the investment, though, so I'm saving my pennies and renting each one so I can make sure I get the one I really want to invest in. It was nice we had such great weather this morning - good light. It was starting to warm up by the time we ended, but it still wasn't too bad in the shade. It was fun to try to shoot a larger family unit - I haven't done that much! So, it was a great experience for me.

See you soon.

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