Friday, October 12, 2012

Bugs at the Symphony

We took the boy to the symphony last Sunday to see Bugs Bunny. We thought that perhaps with the cartoon visuals, his interest might be kept for a longer period of time. And, at the same time, we could expose him to the "going to the symphony" process. I am happy to report he stayed engaged for the entire first half! I thought that was pretty good for a 2 year old. He was not so sure about the costumed characters - they scared him a little bit, but eventually he was willing to have his photo taken with them, with Dad holding him. And, he's convinced he would like to play the violin. That too. During the second half, we took some photos of the boy in the lobby. There is something fishy going on with my camera - I think I might need to send it in for a software update. So, the photos are really grainy. None of them were really great, actually. I was pretty bummed about that. That said, here are the photos:

seeing bugs
When he first saw Bugs, he was intrigued.

But then when Bugs came close, he started crying!
Bugs cried too.

This is the conductor, who gave LM his own Bugs Bunny!
He really likes that "little" Bugs.

Tweety came too, and they were a hit in the lobby.

After watching the characters for a while...


...he was willing to take this photo.

Then we took photos after intermission, when we had the lobby pretty much to ourselves.





We tried some photos with Dad - none of them were great.
The ones with me were in yesterday's post




He played with the magic hat from the store.

And he laid on the floor - I think he might have been sleepy, huh?

It was a fun day.

I rented another lens for this weekend - by next week I'll have all sorts of photos to share with you. Tomorrow, we are getting together with the cousins for the annual pumpkin photos at the Arboretum. Then, I'm going to attempt to take some senior photos for a friend. On Sunday, we have so many activities to go to we are going to have to choose what to do. Then, Monday night, I'm finally going to Chihuly Nights before it closes and before I return the rented lens. So, it'll be busy, once again! I hope your weekend is a good one.

See you soon!

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