Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Today it's projected to hit 80 again, but this past weekend it was COLD, sister! We went out in it for a very brief time. We didn't think it was as cold as it was, so we didn't stay out long. While we were outside, though, I caught a couple cute ones of the boy in his winter wear:

Bundled in the stroller.


We went out to the Cottonwood Arts Festival in the late afternoon, thinking it would have warmed up a bit. Like I said, we didn't stay long - the wind was blowing and it really had NOT warmed up at all. And the sun wasn't out either, compounding the issue. We made haste on out of there lickety split! 

But look how cute...

"That's right Mommy, I'm cute!"

"But it's cold. Let's GO!!!"

I have jury duty today. Wish me luck!

See you soon.

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