Tuesday, October 2, 2012

First Visit to the Pumpkin Village


When we went to the Arboretum to take photos of Kim's family, S and LM went along and played in the pumpkins while we took photos. Then, we had some fun together!  Here are some photos:

This is where we first came upon the boy.
He had collected two sticks.

He was apparently wielding said sticks in the pumpkin village when he came across another young boy. S instructed him to say "hello" to the boy. LM decided this meant to "anoint" the boy on the head with the sticks. Ahem. Oh brother. They then exchanged pleasantries, so apparently it was well within "boy" code for "hello" after all!

The posed shot for Mama.


Oh these two are too cute!



This year, there is a "Cinderella Carriage"

Even the boy posed in the pumpkin carriage.




These little pumpkins became a "thing"...

LM started picking these up and pummeling them toward the ground. I told him he could not throw the pumpkins. So, he started just dropping them. I then said, "LM, you cannot throw the pumpkins or drop the pumpkins. You can ROLL the pumpkins..." To which he immediately said, "I KICK the pumpkin." Clearly I had not covered kicking. Ahem. I said to him, "Little Man, that's cute right now, but so won't be cute when you're seven!" Um, no - no KICKING pumpkins either.


He LOOKS innocent...


Uncle Mark took this one.

Kim had offered to take some photos of our family while we were there. The thing was, I didn't put on make-up. So, I waved off her generous offer. But, once in the patch, Mark asked if we wanted a photo and I thought, what the heck. And it turned out alright, no?

Oh - and rolling pumpkins included letting them go down the side of this pumpkin!

But seriously, how can I resist that face? 

We had a nice time for just a little bit, before we headed out to beat the heat and go on about our day. We are returning in a week or so with all the cousins for the annual pumpkin photo! I'll show you here, of course! It should be fun, too.

See you soon.

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