Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Roundup 2012

The boy and I attended the early childhood PTA Fall Roundup last year. This year, we went to the Arboretum to meet cousins prior to this party, so the boy was TIRED. (I'm still going through those photos...stay tuned)  And, Daddy was able to go with us. Here are some photos:

There was a pony ride. He pretty much made a beeline for the pony.

It's hard to tell, but he loved it. Ha.

He loves to swing.

This event is in someone's back yard - a very large back yard at that. So, this is the family's swing set - not really a sanctioned event - but still a favorite. They had a lot of the same stuff they had last year - a bounce house, chalk painting, a craft, pumpkins, someone taking fall photos, and a petting zoo. Because the boy was so tired, we didn't get around to all the different stations. We did hit the petting zoo:

You can see the petting zoo was popular!


I went in to the petting zoo with the boy. 
S had the camera.

Look at S rockin' the camera focus.

Then we had a snack.

We bypassed the craft, the photos, the pumpkins and even the BOUNCE HOUSE to then head straight to the snack table. Apparently the boy had worked up quite an appetite, because we spent the next twenty minutes or so sitting down, having a snack, including slurping down a juice box in one gulp, basically. 


In addition to the chips, he ate half a banana and some grapes.
The chips just took the longest...

Most of the photos taken at this event surround the eating.
Matching the amount of time spent on said activity.


When we arrived home, he was STILL hungry. He wanted to EAT, so he ate some turkey and applesauce, and then he went right to sleep and took a nice long nap. As usual, the early childhood PTA put on a nice event, and it was good to stop by and experience it.

I have tons of photos I'm going through from this weekend, and more coming tonight, as we take in Chihuly Nights at the Arboretum.  I'll post them as I can get them edited. 

See you soon!

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