Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Getting IN the Picture

I recently read this article, another in a long list of articles and blog posts I've read, and even commented on here on my blog, about taking photos with your child. This is immensely difficult for me for more than one reason. First, I am the photographer in the family, thus, generally the camera is in my hands. So, to stop and remember to take the photo is sometimes an issue.


But, mostly, second, I hate that I am not thinner. I hate looking at most photos of myself because I don't look the way I see myself in my mind's eye. I hate the way I look and am embarrassed by that fact. I've been more like this in my life than not though, so while I hope to get around to dieting or exercising more, it's not something I clearly have found a way to work into my life or make a high enough priority just yet. So, I am what I am, in the words of the great philosopher, Popeye. Ha.


But, the writer of that article is right. My boy loves me for who I am. I am his mother, and he loves me for ME and will want photos of himself with his Mommy when he's older and looking back. He loves to look at photos even now and name the people in them. Why shouldn't I be one of the people he loves to name? He loves me unconditionally and I have to remember that!



One of the songs I sing to him at bedtime, which means we now sing it together most nights, is all but the first verse of Cole Porter's True Love. "I give to you and you give to me...true love, true love..." It's such a lovely little tune, and of all the songs we sing at bedtime, it's the one he sings WITH me most often. I think he likes singing about how we love each other. It's so sweet. Sometimes Daddy even joins in.



The point is, I am going to try to remember this time. I'm going to try to be deliberate about getting Mom in the picture too. And, one weekend in, I did a decent job of remembering. We'll see how well I'm doing in a month or two.


See you soon.

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