Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Fur Covered Angels

I was watching a newscast the other day that highlighted some of the animals that Cesar Milan had rehabilitated after they were found to have been abused or mistreated. The story they covered was about this very abused dog that had found a new home with this woman. The woman said the dog had come into her life just at the right time as well, and that she thought the dog was her "fur covered angel." I liked that a lot. So, I had to share that little description with you. And, use it as a way to share new photos of my dogs, of course!

Last night, Echo posed for me -
I think for a split moment she thought I had food on me.

She was mistaken, but I love these two photos.
She never poses. I was able to catch her sweetness.
Look at that face!

They sort of remind me of those photos I caught of Ellie the other day.
See how much more serious Ellie's look is from Echo's face?

Ellie and Echo with S, the treat dispenser.

We have a treat routine around these parts. Our dogs don't get table food. They get dry dog food - good dry dog food - and each night, they get three Science Diet treats that help clean their teeth. To get these treats, they have to do tricks.

This is the "attention" pose. Love it.

They sit and shake, lie down, and then usually either sit and stay or catch a treat in mid-air. Ellie is better at the "catching" trick than Echo and sometimes ends up with both treats.

Ellie always goes first.

Ellie is the "alpha" dog - she joined the family first, so she always gets greeted and fed first. This is one of the things you do to keep order in a dog house. You are the "real" alpha "dog", and you give deference to "pack" order.

Echo gets her turn.

It is very important to note that three treats are given. If someone is watching the dogs for us and they stop at two treats, Ellie will sit at the treat bin waiting for them to return to give the third treat. The dog can count to three. Don't be fooled by imitations.

Last treat.

After treats, the dogs know it's time for bed. If you try to go to bed without the treat routine, don't expect to get much sleep. They'll needle you all night with pacing or licking your face or whatever until the routine gets done. These dogs love routine. And, well, food.

In return, they give us lots of love. As you read this post, we're headed out to Indiana for a few days with the Indiana relatives. We'll miss our girls why we're gone. They are our fur covered angels!

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