Friday, December 5, 2008

Jessica, Ryon and Nathon

Ryon, Nathon and Jessica, Christmas 2005
(The year all the grandkids got pajamas.)

You've met my younger brother's kids on more than one occasion. And, you got to know my oldest brother's kids via his grandson. Also, we've covered S's side of the family and little Alexandra a few times. And, you've seen a bit of my other older brother's kids here and there, but you haven't been formally introduced.

Ryon, Nathon and Isaiah at the Indians game in August.
(Isaiah is an interloper in this post.
But isn't he cute?)

Today is Ryon's birthday. So, I thought it might be a good day to get this post up! Happy Birthday, Ryon. And, I should note that this photo montage is all "A.D" - after digital. I have "B.D." photos, but haven't gotten around to scanning them in yet.

My brother has a lovely step-daughter, Jessica.

She's in nursing school and working a lot.
(In this photo w/Nathon)

I'm so proud of her for accomplishing so much and sticking with it.
(Jessica and Nathon, spring 2003)

I know it's hard, but it'll be worth it, Jess, so hang in there.

Jessica and Rick circa 2006, I think.

Jessica and Ryon, same time as the last photo.

Jessica and her boyfriend Scott - Scott looked at the camera.

Jess will hate that I've included some of these photos. But, she's hard to get a photo of, and because she's so busy sometimes I miss seeing her when I'm home, so my choices were limited. And, Jessica, just for the record, I like them all.

Ryon, 2003, next to the dancing bunny, which he really liked.

Then, there is Ryon. Now, I hope I get this story right - someone will correct me when I visit at Christmas if I don't. Ryon's name is Ryon Donald. He has a grandpa name Ron and a grandpa named Don. They thought Ronald Donald was maybe not a good choice, so they went with Ryan spelled with an "O" to simulate Ron. It also gives him the same initials as both his "Ron" grandpa and his dad. My oldest brother Bob likes to really hone in on stuff to tease people about. He loves to get at Rick about this one. I don't think Rick cares. It's all in good fun.

My philosophy on children's names is this - once they're born, here and named, they become that name, and it's just part of who they are - so I like them all.

Ryon can give you any stat of any player on the Pacers, Colts, or NASCAR. Maybe even the NBA and the NFL. He's a huge sports fan. I'm not sure the reach of his statistics gathering.

And, he'll pose for me when I take photos, which I love.

He's such a "little Rick."
If you look at photos of Rick at Ryon's age, the resemblance is, well, amazing.

Those genes will get you every time!

Ryon with his cousins Veda and Cora last spring.
Cora looks none too happy about something.

And on Uncle Steve's swing.

He's growing up - heading into those "tween" years...

...I hope he'll still let me take his photo. He's just so, well, photogenic...

...especially when acting like a wrestler at Halloween! ;)

Nathon, 2003

Last but not least, there is Nathon. Nathon spells his name with an "O" too, because my brother Bob suggested they do so. So they did. As I understand the story.

Nathon is a little showman. He's got a big personality, and you never quite know what he's going to say next.

He's also a "little guy" in size. He's younger than Veda, but older than Deacon, but he's in size as small as Deacon is big. Deacon's going to be huge, Nathon's going to be not so huge. In size. Now, in personality, Nathon can outsize anyone.

When Steve and Rick were growing up, Steve (Deacon's dad) would give Rick (Nathon's dad) "hand me up" jeans as he outgrew them. I think maybe Deacon and Nathon can do the same thing.

Nathon is also very photogenic. I love this smile...

...and this one...

...and, well, all of them.

He fashioned a hat at the baseball game in August.
He was not ill in this photo - I don't know why he looks so pale.
Probably the flash. I hate the flash, as you know.

And he loves his big sister.
And french fries.

This was his wrestler costume from Halloween.
Don't ask me which one it was. I have no idea.

Ryon and Nathon at the game in May of 2007.

So, now you've met three more of my wonderful nieces and nephews.

Best wishes for your weekend. See you right here again next week.


  1. Ryon sure does remind me of Rick when he was a kid.. WOW. I especially like the serious pic of Nathon where his blue eyes are so big. Jessica has grown into a beautiful young woman with a smile as sweet as she is.

  2. I think Deacon and Nathon would prefer the more PC terms of big boned and vertically challenged.

  3. Thank you Anonymous for pointing out the politically correct terms. We are not PC here at ATE UP AMATEUR. We are just "front of mind." OR, "stream of consciousness". Which, is not PC. Sorry.


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