Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Trees Everywhere!

Clearly, lighting up the entire tree, or at least the trunk, is en vogue in all the good Dallas Christmas decoration neighborhoods this year. There are lots of examples of these pretty things. Today's post is a montage of such tree lighting mastery.

This one still has lots of leaves on it's branches.
Interesting look.

And another one.
They almost look like they are burning.

This one gives the impression of a drunken candy cane.

Oooh...I like this house on the corner with it's family of lit up trees.

A close up of a huge, well-adorned tree at the entrance to a neighborhood.

The. Whole. Tree. Amen.

Another of the whole tree variety.
Psychedelic, man.

Here, we have both the canopy and the branches illuminated.
It confuses the eye as to where the focus should be, no?

And, for good measure - three fully lit evergreens.
Let's sing together, "O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree..."

I'm guessing electrical usage during the holidays is not an issue at that abode. Yowza.

Tomorrow - how the pros do it. See you then.

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