Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Over the River and Through the Woods

The Christmas light tour continues. Today, our focus is "the whole house look". We have some lovely examples. S thought I should take photos of the really crappy examples. He's like that. Scrooge. I like the pretty ones though, so that's what you're getting today - my opinion of pretty Christmas lights. So, get some cocoa ready. Put on your scarf and your gloves...here we go!

The Christmas lighting wash effect.

This is a house in my neighborhood. They light up their house in the front like it was Fort Knox all year long. In December, they change out the white lights for red and green. Festive. I give it an "A" for an interesting color wash effect, but a "D" for effort.

The Mid-century modern.

I took several photos of this really cool mid-century modern house in my neighborhood and it's decorations. This is the only one that came out. I like that they stayed with the clean lines of the house to decorate. I especially like the use of the red "orbs" on the front lawn. How oh-so Mies van der Rohe. You know, if ol' Mies put up Christmas lights. Or maybe not. You get the point.

Some houses have very special highlighted decorations. They go for big effect in a special part of the yard or with a special shape or decoration. Let's check out a few of these, shall we?

These neighbors like woodland creatures.

And, the highlights here are the shrubs.
I also like the non-conventional blue lights.

Another shining example of a shrub family.

These neighbors are into the traditional evergreen tree shape.

And these people have effectively used snowflakes.
This is pretty much the only way to get a "White Christmas" in these parts.

This family is into large gifts.

And this house displays a nativity above the door.

Let's move on to the "deciduous tree" highlighted houses.

There were actually so many beautiful examples of lit-up trees like the one above that you'll get an up-close-and-personal view of more of the "tree" families later in the week.

A different take on decorating a tree.
(Not up the trunk, in other words...)

This house gets the award for colorful trees that aren't palm.

Another category - whole-house-outliners.
I'd venture to say the homeowner didn't do this "whole house"...

A colonial house outlined.

And one more well-arched and well-outlined example.

Then, there's the special Christmas home-lighter that really goes whole hog. They outline the house. They light up the trees. They include woodland creatures, or other decorations on the lawn. They love Christmas lights and can afford an outrageous electric bill.

Look-columns AND trees, OH MY!

House outlines and tree outlines and walkways lit - oh and wreaths too!

Then, there are the versions that sit on my street.
This is the house next door.
Back to reality.

And here's a pretty house - oh wait - that's MY house.
I may be biased.

We'll go inside and take a closer look
ala Mister Rogers later this week.

Did you finish your cocoa? Are your ears still warm? OK. Later this week - those pretty lit trees, some commercial lighting and a closer look inside my Christmas decoration. See you then!

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  1. Your home looks warm, welcome and inviting.


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