Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

For my Christmas post this year, I wanted to get a photo of my dogs in front of the Christmas tree. I really wanted to find reindeer ears for them. I know they exist. No need to write me with web links where I can buy some. I did however wait too long to find them locally. Lucky for you I was able to find Santa hats instead! So, S and I set out to take photos of the dogs in Santa hats.


Ellie, being the serious, obedient dog, while she didn't really like the hat, chose to play along and sit pretty for us.

Ellie and her tongue.

I love when Ellie forgets to pull her tongue all the way back in. So cute. There were treats involved in this here photo shoot, so that probably had something to do with her pose.

Sweet Ellie trying to do what we want.

If it wasn't bad enough - as you can tell here - there were multiple photo shoots with the hats on. The photo just above was taken in an evening shoot. All the way around, the white strap works better on Ellie, you know, with her white-ish fur and all.


Echo was not as accommodating with the hat. She took hers off multiple times. We spent as much time affixing the hat to Echo's head as we did anything else. And, we should have dyed her strap black. Maybe next year.

Echo, loving her hat.

We did, however, get a couple of good ones in. The outtakes are hilarious, as you can imagine...but the cute ones are to die for. But, that photo up above there is a really typical facial expression for this sweet dog.

In this photo, S affixed the hat, yet again, at the evening photo shoot.

Echo and Ellie

Our persistence paid off - I mean, I never did get the cute "right in front of the tree looking at the camera" pose, but we caught some good ones nonetheless.

Look at those little elves in their hats!

Don't they look like they LOVE 'em?

Echo wasn't sitting anymore with that hat on.

Where's the treat?

Of course, I love this one, from the evening shoot.

Here they were carefully keeping an eye on the loot.

Our Merry Christmas Postcard to You

Eventually, S just sat down and corralled them for this shot. Look at the expression on Echo's face - if she could only talk. And, poor Ellie's hat is falling into her face. This photo pretty much sums up the whole experience. I couldn't be happier to have it!

It's fitting S got in the photo as well, since today is also his birthday. He's a Christmas baby.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dear man, and thanks for the holiday photo shoot memories.

MERRY CHRISTMAS my blog reading friends, to you and yours.

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